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i think they will be lovely

My husband is away this weekend at a conference where one of his works is being performed.  Yay husband!  It will be the first time I’ve spend the weekend alone in…I don’t even know how long.  What will I do with my time?  Maybe I’ll work on the Infamous Green Pants.

I bought a sewing machine after my carpal tunnel got bad enough that I had to stop knitting; sewing is proving to be harder than knitting.  So far I have managed several napkins, a reasonably well-constructed shoulder bag, lots of tangled bobbins, and more than a little profanity.  After finishing the shoulder bag I bought a pattern for a pair of pants.  On the package they look very nice, so I decided to get some colorful cotton and try to make a pair.  I chose a lovely green.

For some reason, everyone who either hears about the green pants or sees the fabric gets the same glazed look in their eyes.  They nod slowly and smile with just their lips.  Something about the green pants makes people think I’m a little loopy.

Clearly I am ahead of my time.  I promise, if I ever finish the Infamous Green Pants, there will be photos.