TTC since August 2008.  Our son, blog alias Cayenne, was born May 2013 after IVF #1.

Prior to August 2008. Useless contraception.

August 2008. “Let’s have a baby!”

September 2008-February 2009.  “Well, the average couple takes 3-6 months to conceive.  Maybe next month!”

March-July 2009. “There’s not really a problem until it’s been a year.  Right?  Right?”

August-October 2009. “Charting.  Charting is the answer and will NOT make me gnaw my fingernails off with anxiety.”

December 2009. First RE visit.  HSG and SA.  Lab tech:  “You have fibroids and will need surgery.”  RE:  “No you don’t.  There’s no reason for you not to get pregnant.  If you get impatient we can do IVF.”

January-May 2010. Sad.  Very sad.  New RE.  Ultrasound and SIS.  “You know you have fibroids, right?”  One submucous, several more intramural.  RE is convinced they are preventing me from conceiving.

July 2010. Myomectomy by laparotomy.

November 2010. Still not pregnant.  SA shows low sperm count, low motility, and poor morphology.  Urologist strongly recommends IVF/ICSI.

December 2011-April 2012. New job,new home, new insurance that won’t cover anything anyway, new RE. Semen numbers are way up, though, so we are now candidates for IUI.  IUIs #1-#3.  Clomid.  Big fat nothing.  Also apparently I have an arcuate uterus.

May 2012. When am I going to get to stop updating this fucking thing? We’re back to IVF as our best shot. I may have agreed to do it.

September 2012. IVF. CD1 Sept. 4, started stims Sept. 5. Antagonist protocol with Gonal-F and Menopur, then Ganirelix. Retrieval 9/17, 3dt 9/20. Beta #1: 118, 10/2. Beta #2: 419, 10/4. Heartbeat (!) 10/18.

May 2013. Cayenne is here!


3 responses to “TTC

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  2. We’re embarking on figuring out what the treatment options will be for us—I’ve had 4 losses so far, and it’s pretty likely given what we found from DH’s SA and with my RPL that we will be going the IVF with ICSI and maybe even PGD route. Let’s stay connected! We are currently taking a little break since my 4th loss last month, but we will be ttc again around Dec or Jan. When are you starting IVF?

  3. nonsequiturchica

    Wow it looks like we have a similar TTC journey- the fibroids, the surgery (where drs also found endo), the failed IUIs, and IVF #1 being the cure (at least so far- I’ll be 16 weeks on Weds)!

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