Yes, I am shallow. It is absolutely making my day that Cayenne is 4 weeks old and I am wearing pre-pregnancy (which means pre-IVF) jeans.


12 responses to “shallow

  1. I’m officially jealous! 7.5 months in, and I’m still about 4kg above my pre-pregnancy (over-) weight 😦 Then again, I gained >22kg. Which means I lost about 18kg in 7.5 months 🙂
    Congratulations! I remember how happy I was when I could finally stop wearing my maternity pants about 2-3 months ago.

  2. Definitely something to be proud of!

  3. That’s to shallow. You should have titled it “miracle, part 5”. Definately something to be proud of.

    You go girl!

  4. I also felt slightly smug about being below my pre-preg weight after 10 days in, that said, I went right back up as the months went on. Oi! Really awesome news, dear. Bring on the jeans!

  5. No judgement here! I was thrilled that I LOST 25 pounds during my pregnancy (yes, I was eating and yes, the baby was perfectly healthy) and then another 5 pounds after I gave birth. Score!

  6. Hey, that is awesome!

  7. It is hard work to lose weight, so congrats! Pre-ivf jeans sound awesome. Now take care not to let the weight creep back up, the honeymoon of newbornhood will soon be over, and I hope you have an easy baby, but it will still get harder than it is now, so just know and be prepared. it would be such a shame to gain it back again.

  8. Hum, after the shit years you’ve been through trying to have a child, you go ahead and indulge in a little post-partum weight loss pride, woman.

  9. Bwa ha ha! I felt exactly the same way. Really glad to hear it. It’s not shallow, either. It’s a nice little link back to the pre-mother identity during a time of huge identity shift. My ass took a bit longer to snap back the second time…like, eight months.

  10. Of this, I am acutely and insanely jealous!

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