miracle, part 3

Cayenne spent less than 24 hours in the NICU. While he was there I got to see him twice: the first night I was wheeled in on my hospital bed, and the following day my husband brought me over in a wheelchair.

Seeing him there was such a complex thing. It was at once the happiest and the saddest thing I had ever seen. On the one hand, there was my child, hooked up to god-knows-what that goes beep in the night, with an IV stuck into his tiny foot and a tube down his throat and a ridiculous helmet on for his oxygen, and I couldn’t even hold him. On the other hand, there was my child. He was finally here and I was just overflowing with love.

He is so beautiful.



9 responses to “miracle, part 3

  1. What a rough start for the little guy and a scary experience for you! He’s absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations 🙂

  2. What an adorable picture! Congratulations again, and welcome to the world, Cayenne!

  3. Congratulations! He looks adorable, and I’m so happy you have him with you now.

  4. He is so handsome and perfect! Congratulations mama!

  5. Gorgeous. I am catching up and so terrified. I am so glad he is here.

  6. what a beautiful, perfect baby boy.

  7. Congratulations! Call me a dud for assuming that I had already congratulated. Cayenne is handsome!

    And you have a truly oh em gee birth story. Glad for the happy ending though.

  8. Perfect, perfect nose. Perfect.

  9. Reading back and forward. Little baby boys are just THE best (says a grateful mom to two of them).

    Sweet thing you’ve got there!

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