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Since I just did my taxes (yeah, I know) and had to come up with a figure for medical expenses, I thought it might be illuminating to share exactly what we paid for the IVF cycle from beginning to end.

When I started my current job last May I was able to get on new health insurance, which has turned out to be better than what I had through my husband’s job before. Infertility treatment is still specifically excluded, but my current insurer is much more generous in parsing what they will and won’t cover. For example:

  • All office visits with the RE were $20 co-pays instead of totally out of pocket like before.
  • However, things that went on at those visits (ultrasounds, blood draws, etc.) were not covered.
  • My IVF drugs were partially covered (I still don’t understand why, but I didn’t want to question it in case they changed their minds!).
  • However, none of the procedures involved were covered at all.

So this is what an IVF cycle looks like financially, for someone with partial health insurance coverage and in a part of the country with very low cost of living relative to big cities.

Some more details about our cycle:

  • I was on relatively low doses of the stim drugs.
  • We ended up with 7 eggs retrieved, 5 mature.
  • We did ICSI and all 5 eggs fertilized.
  • We transferred 2 embryos on day 3 with assisted hatching; the other 3 didn’t make it to freeze.


Repeat of Day 3 bloodwork: $117.00 (not covered)

Clinic visit to discuss IVF: $20.00 (copay)

Repeat semen analysis: $165.00 (not covered)

STD blood panels: $55.12 (mine was fully covered; my husband’s was partially covered)

IVF meds: $1,100.44 (this is a copay – I was quoted about $2400 if the insurance hadn’t picked up some of it)

  • Gonal-F 300iu pen: $133.04
  • Gonal-F 900iu pen: $398.52
  • Ganirelix (4 doses): $132.22
  • Menopur 75iu (10 vials): $314.02
  • Novarel (HCG trigger): $50.83
  • Endometrin (32 doses): $71.81

Prepayment for IVF cycle: $10,578.00 (this was due in full on the day I started stims)

  • This was an estimated cost for everything involved with the cycle from the day I started stims to the second beta

Refills on Endometrin through 10 weeks of pregnancy: $188.50 (this is a copay, and also my clinic had a discount code that knocked about 1/3 off of the cost)

Refund from the prepayment: – $873.43 (because none of the embryos made it to freeze and we had fewer eggs than the estimate allowed for)



13 responses to “out of pocket

  1. Woah! We had some insurance money. Each of my IVF cycles cost about 13,000 on average (one was 15, one was right at 10). It make me so jealous to think of people who live in states that mandate fertility coverage from insurance.

  2. theyellowblanket

    Yeowch! I am soooo glad it worked for you. I live in a mandate state (up to 6 cycles covered in Illinois) and my first cycle failed miserably. It would have been a thousand times more traumatizing if it had failed AND we got a bill for 11k.

  3. I feel like there should be some sort of guarantee when you pay that much for something… Maybe I chose the wrong profession… 🙂

  4. All I can think of when reading this is…some people just have sex.
    Some of us, while still having sex (ha!), need to plop down tens of thousands of dollars. And all I can after having said the last 3 lines is: IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY. I can hardly wait until you meet Cayenne.

  5. Wow, lots of complicated stuff. I’m saddened you guys had to go through everything you had to go through, including the 11k, but mainly I’m just so thrilled that YOU’RE HAVING A BAAAAAAAABY!!!!

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  7. All,
    A quick note of thanks to all of G&L’s wonderful followers. G&L gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy on Friday evening just shy of 37 weeks. Birth weight of 7 lbs, 4 ozs. Mother and baby are doing well. I’m sure G&L will be blogging about her experiences after she has regained her strength.
    -Mr. Lime

  8. Congratulations to you both! Looking forward to hearing from ginger & lime when she’s able. 🙂

  9. Congratulations to you both!

  10. Congratulations! Wonderful news.

  11. Yippee!!!!!

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