there are no words for this

From last week, at 6w3d.


18 responses to “there are no words for this

  1. Magical, divine, perfect… nope, none of those quite do the job, although they’re pretty close. 😀

    I am so so so happy for you!

  2. Ahhh… cue the water works for me!!! No words indeed.

  3. We can probably supply a few words. How about amazing, wonderful, and congratulations?

  4. Fantastic! Look at that little peanut! So beautiful!

  5. the most amazing sound you’ll ever hear…..for the rest of your life….and you’re right…there are no words to describe it….but I can LOVE it for you!

  6. oh! how beautiful. grow little one. grow

  7. Totally crying here. Shoop shoop shoop! And soon enough, it will be WAAAH! And coo! And laughing, and mama! and…I’m running away to join the peace corps! Extremely happy for you, dear.

  8. I am so happy for you! I’m only a couple of weeks ahead of you so i know exactly how you feel…it’s such an amazing journey and i’m in awe all of time.

  9. Joy. Jooooooooooooooooy!

    And my girl’s number finally comes up!!!!

  10. Perfect. Just perfect. Congratulations.

  11. Go, baby, go! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

  12. That is the very best. I remember the shock and awe I felt in that moment. And then I threw up all over the parking lot. 😉 Congratulations!!!

  13. Yay! Congratulations!!

  14. Just dropping by to say I hope you’re well, and still pregnant.

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