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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh. oh oh oh, YEAH!!!!

    Smiling from ear to ear. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

  3. What a beautiful sight!!

  4. You are so PREGNANT! Congrats!

  5. That’s unmistakable. Congratulations! You’re pregnant!

  6. And there it is…. 🙂

    Congrats!!!! I’ve been waiting all morning to see this post!

  7. So happy for you!!! I can’t wait to hear what a wonderful beta you have……I’m sure it’s an amazing number….Congrats!!!

  8. I skipped and danced with tearful joy, and not figuratively. Isn’t that the most amazing sight? I hope you guys are absoultely wallowing in the happiness of this day.

  9. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So freakin’ happy for you!!!!!!!

  10. Yay!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!! I’ve been thinking of you all weekend!!!

  11. Now THAT is a second line! Yay!!

  12. YOU ARE PREGNANT!! Congratulations!!!

  13. OMG! My heart is fluttering for you and your little bean(S)!!!! Wooooo hoooo!!!!!!!!

  14. The lineyest line I ever saw!

    Congratulations I am so thrilled!


  15. That is definitely a line!!! Inspiration for me when I trigger tonight!

  16. Woohoo! Congratulations. That is a solid line there. Definitely preggers!

  17. Tweety Bird said, “I think I saw a pussy cat!”

    And two pink lines too!!!

    Congratulations, and many many many prayers for an uneventful journey ahead…

  18. G&L you are SO pregnant!!!! How amazing is it to see that second line?!!!!! So happy for you xx

  19. Squeeeeee!!!! Congrats!

  20. Coming over from LFCA to wish you a very big congratulations! What a beautiful second line.

  21. Never a more beautiful sight in the world! Makes me cry to see that!

  22. I’m here from Mel’s LFCA. Big congrats!!

    • p.s. Just looked over your blog a bit more and I see several similarities in our journeys. I too felt our last IVF attempt didn’t work at all, but it worked out perfect. May you have a wonderful, happy and health 9 months!!! I’m truly excited for you.

  23. That’s most definitely a second line! Congratulations and the best of luck! Yay!

  24. Omg I didn’t think I could be this happy for someone else’s bfp! Congrats!! So excited for you! 😀

  25. Yep, that’s a line!! Congratulations!! : )

  26. BEAUTIFUL! I hope the next nine(ish) months are textbook and perfectly boring for you!

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