maybe i should start wearing makeup

I have had a bad couple of days. There has been a lot of crying.*

Does anybody know what to do about tiny red blotches all over my face? It happens sometimes (rarely) when I cry a lot and it looks like I’ve been beaten up. I find I am wholly uninterested in explaining that no, really, I didn’t get in a fight.

Unfortunately I Grew Up Hippie and cosmetics are a complete mystery to me.

* I have no actual reason for The Crying. I just … don’t think it worked.


8 responses to “maybe i should start wearing makeup

  1. Poor thing. I understand all too well the splotchy post-cry fest face. I like making this: Cooling, nourishing and the honey has antibacterial properties to protect you from a post cry breakout from too much face touching (tear wiping). I hope you have better days ahead.

  2. Cosmetics are a mystery to me as well, and I also have the unfortunate disposition to crying in circumstances when I’d rather not, or when I need to look presentable soon after. Cool damp cloths pressed to the face tend to help a bit…they at least help restore some of my equilibrium even if they don’t do that much on the physical level.

    Good luck.

  3. I had a dream last night in which you were in fact pregnant, so let’s hope it was PROPHETIC. As for makeup, I hear you can slather your face with something called “foundation” and then instead of being blotchy you will have a weird, cakey, orange face. I once found myself at a bridal showery sort of thing where I had the option of a makeup consult, and I was like, okay! When in Rome! The woman commented extensively on my hideous red skin and uneven texture and enormous pores and pulled out a product she referred to as SPACKLE. So fuck makeup.

    Maybe if people bother you about it, you can explain that you have an allergy to life being horribly difficult and unfair and painful. The days before you know the outcome tend to be the worst, in my limited experience. Er, except for the days after, when it does in fact not work. Cheered you up, didn’t I!!!! Point is, this is a hell dimension. For better or worse, you’re about to be returned to earth.

  4. Make up rocks. I have seen teens apply it at a professional level. When I try mascara, I end up w only 3-4 eyelashes total. Not the desired effect. Make up does not rock.

    Tie a flask to your side and just call them gin blossoms.

  5. You don’t need to have hope, we’ll all hold onto hope for you. I don’t know you, but I’ve been thinking of you every day and I am visualizing you pregnant! Keep trudging along through this exceptionally challenging tww. Have you tried doing anything to keep your mind off of it? (LOL, right?) I actually find handicraft type stuff to be mesmerizing to the extent that I lose track of myself. If you can lose yourself in embroidery, or knitting, or whatever, for even an hour, it’s worth it! I know how awful of a place the mind can be when you’re in the tww, (and in my case, all the times I’ve been pregnant every day of the pregnancy is like a tww of its own, waiting to find out if the baby is still alive!). There is NO way you can know that it didn’t work, so try not to hang onto those icky gut feelings, because your gut can be way wrong when you’re scared! Take it all one day at a time, and you will get to the end of this wait.

  6. dude! you would know that the crowd you hang out with (even online) is not really the makeup wearing type. What can I contribute? I did start thinking I looked really old last winter and bought some powdered foundation (not liquid!!!). I could just aply a little bit with a brush, just to ever so slightly mask the many new lines. Just a thought.

    I agree with Bunny when she says that as the day gets closer to finding out, the anxiety and fear get worse, worse, worse. In the first IVF, I was a wreck the 2 days before finding out – like crying, SOBING uncontrollably. I think that for some of us, the crying is part of the package deal. Just roll with it, my friend, and know that you are in good company.

  7. I second powder makeup. Looks a lot more natural than the liquid (I think).

    As for the other, you just won’t know until you know. And the waiting can make (does make) any of us a little crazy cakes. So far, I haven’t figured out a cure for that. But knowing others are out there thinking of you helps (I hope). So I’m thinking of you.

  8. My sister (who tends to wear very little makeup) swears by Bare Essentuals. Apparently their powder foundation rocks (even if their spelling doesn’t). I am thinking of trying it myself, once my liquid stuff runs out.

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