day 2 update

We have embryos!

As of yesterday morning, all 5 fertilized eggs divided. When the clinic called me yesterday we had the following:

  • 1 5-cell embryo rated Good
  • 1 4-cell embryo rated Good
  • 1 4-cell embryo rated Fair
  • 1 3-cell embryo rated Fair
  • 1 2-cell embryo rated Poor

Both my husband and I were pretty emotional hearing this news. Those are actual embryos, actual potential people, and I don’t think either of us thought we would get this far.

Transfer is today. I will be back later with all the gory details … and maybe some embryo pictures.


11 responses to “day 2 update

  1. great news!!! How many are you transferring?

  2. Fantastic news!! You HAVE gotten this far and will hopefully get much much further!!

  3. That’s wonderful news! Sending positive vibes your way 🙂

  4. The potential of people is something that never ceases to be amazing. Congrats!

  5. it’s a whole different ball game once you hear that you have embryos. FANTASTIC! I’ll be checking in all day, awaiting the play-by-play of the transfer, and of course, thinking of you and sending sticky embie thoughts.
    Nestle in, little one(s).

  6. Good luck at your transfer! Get snuggled in tight little embabies!

  7. Wooo! That’s so wonderful! Good luck!

  8. Wheee! This is very exciting. Can’t wait to hear the details.

  9. GREAT NEWS! You are the second person I’ve read lately who gets a 2-day transfer. I think that’s awesome – I say put them back where they belong ASAP!


  10. Oh! Oh! OH! Embryos! That’s where babies come from! I hope everything went really smoothly, and LORD, here comes the mother of all two week waits. Much love as you ready yourself. Hey, let’s have lots of recipes with pineapple in the next week or so!

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