Follicle Watch 2012 update:

As of this morning I have 10 follicles on the right measuring between 5 and 7.5, and 2 on the left (she came out!) measuring 3.5 and 5.

This is after 3 days of stims.*

Lining was 3.9**

Starting tonight I’m decreasing my dose of Gonal-F to 112.5 (leaving the Menopur the same). Next scan is Monday morning.

And how am I feeling, you ask? (OK, you didn’t ask, but here it is anyhow.) The shots are not too bad; much better than I had feared. I was somehow taken by surprise that they drew blood today — how did it escape my knowledge that this was part of it? And how did I think they were going to measure my estrogen? I’m having some baseless anxiety, which I’m used to but which doesn’t get any easier.

* Gonal-F at 150 and Menopur at 75. And what the hell is an IU anyway?

** Millimeters?


10 responses to “stimming

  1. Way to go, lefty! Glad you’re feeling okay, other than the anxiety, which, I’m sure is just part of it. They should tell you that along with the instructions on the meds. (As if any of us doesn’t already know.)

  2. Good luck!!! Expect to have bloodwork done everytime they scan for follicles…they are measuring your estrogen to make sure its within range for the amt of follicles you are producing

  3. Glad to hear the shots are manageable 🙂 And that both ovaries are in the game! Keeping you in my thoughts.

  4. glad to read that lefty came out to play. And that’s a good start overall. It’s still early, but you are off to the races.
    Of course you are anxious – this is a big deal. Focus on what you know helps with anxiety.
    We’re here with you, lovely. Cheering you on at each step.

  5. Hello Lefty! This sounds great. I have high hopes for the solid dozen making it to retrieval. I am relieved that your shots are better. Lord knows how glamorous this business is.

  6. Tough as nails, you are.

  7. Yay for lefty appearing, and really glad shots haven’t been as bad as expected (I found that as well for iui). Good luck for the rest of the stims.

  8. yay! Glad to hear that Lefty stepped up in the end! I hope things continue to grow, grow, grow!

  9. Glad to hear the shots aren’t too terrible. Fingers crossed!

  10. You’re experiencing ANXIETY? Bizarre! I hope it’s not too overwhelming, and that you’re doing things to take care of yourself. Things not involving needles. Or, you know, if you like knitting, they can involve needles. Thinking about many mature follicles for you, one or more of which contains a PROTOBABY.

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