step it up, lefty

My husband is a pro. Of course I always knew that, but now it’s official. He is mixing drugs, filling up syringes, and emptying them into my aforementioned soft fleshy underbelly.

My IVF coordinator is a saint. She showed us how to mix the Gonal-F and Menopur together so that I can have just one shot a night.

My RE is a taciturn man. He had very little to say to us yesterday. But he was perceptive enough to notice that darling Wanda had me almost in tears,* so he may have rushed the ultrasound a little, which may be why …

My left ovary was nowhere to be found.

I know I have one!

It has hidden out behind my uterus before, but my RE has always managed to find it eventually by pressing down on my abdomen (which I’m very, very grateful he didn’t do yesterday). He noted that if it doesn’t come into a better position he won’t be able to get any eggs from it at my retrieval, so it’s time to step it up, lefty!

I had 6 antral follicles on the right ovary and (presumably) some undetermined number on the elusive lefty. Is that good for a CD2 scan? I tried to ask about whether we’re likely to retrieve more than 6 eggs, but all I could get out of the doctor was that we will just have to wait and see. Am I looking at a maximum of 6?

Next scan is Saturday morning. Here’s hoping both ovaries will have come out to play by then.

* This is because this month I was not allowed to take anything but Tylenol for my cramps. Tylenol can KISS MY ASS.


8 responses to “step it up, lefty

  1. You need to teach lefty a lesson. I’ll let you borrow my light saber if you want.

    I had more follies than my AFC let on. You never know!

  2. Come out, come out, wherever you are, lefty! Fingers crossed she shows her bashful face on Saturday, bearing lots and lots of follicles!

  3. Good luck on your cycle! I only have one ovary and had an AFC of 6ish, but retrieved 15 eggs from it the first time and 10 the second. So it is possible to get more than what you initially see on a CD2/3 US.

    Best wishes!

  4. Uggh, I’m so sorry about the painful wanding and the stressful absence of ovary. Show your face, left ovary! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she’s just waiting to surprise you with LOADS OF MATURE FOLLICLES! TA DA!!! *ovarian jazz hands*

  5. Since it’s CD2, there is time for lefty to come out and play. But lefty! don’t wait too long, ok.
    Remember that antral follicle count and eggs don’t have a 1 to 1 correspondence, so this game is going to have to play out. I’m putting all my hope into a plentiful harvest of good quality eggs.
    Glad your rockstar husband is helping with the injections.

  6. Lefty better get her ass in gear and woman up. You got business to attend to. Woohoo for one shot and for the excellent shooting up skills of mr lime. I can’t imagine this is a skill set you would have ever discovered, but a sweet one to have. Holding my breath for a mirror set of Effie’s to appear from that left bench on Saturday. Everything crossed for you.

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