info dump

So the car is still running. Apparently a bolt (?) or a seal (?) or a something (?)* came off, which caused the oil to start coming out with the rapidness. Our mechanics fixed it for $50 (no, there’s not a 0 missing!) but told us we really won’t know if the oil problem has fucked up the engine or not without just driving it around and waiting for it to die.

It has been a week now. It seems to be running fine, it is no longer smoking, but I find myself skeptical that this is really the end of the story. Is it possible to breathe a sigh of relief while holding my breath?

In other news, it looks like this IVF may actually be happening. Perhaps not surprisingly, I am starting to freak the fuck out. Here’s where we are:

  • Phone consult with IVF coordinator: done.
  • STD blood panel for both me and husband: we have the testing order and will do this within the week. Lots of high-larious “Gee honey, sure hope you don’t have syphilis!” banter in our house.
  • Separate consent forms for IVF and ICSI need to be signed and witnessed. We are thinking about whether to have a friend witness it or just pay for a notary to keep it on the DL.
  • Meds are ordered. It’s going to be Gonal-F and Menopur, among other things, but (and this is a large part of the freaking-out) I haven’t been able to get either the IVF coordinator or the pharmacy lady to actually give me any details on what I will be taking. Both have promised to send me lists; neither have done it. Tomorrow I’m going to get on the phone and find out how to get this information; if I can’t, at least I will see everything next Friday when it comes.
  • Tentative timeline puts retrieval sometime around Sept. 15, and transfer (hopefully) 3 days later. Our clinic only does 3-day transfers; they told me they get better results that way.


* Gawd, I’m such a GIRL!


8 responses to “info dump

  1. I can’t believe you walked out of a mechanic’s office without paying something in the three digit range! Nice work! I hope that your car doesn’t start acting up again.
    As for the consents for your IVF, I know at most banks in this area they have a notary that you can go to for free if you have an account with that bank. That might be helpful info. 🙂
    Good luck as you start the IVF process! I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Public libraries can also usually notarize for no charge.

    Good luck!

  3. Thank goodness the car is holding up for now. I hope you get your meds figured out–it’s all happening soon! Perfectly okay to freak out. Fingers crossed for you!

  4. I am as surprised as the others at the $50 price tag. The last time I got an oil change, I ended up paying $300 for unknown fluids and filters.

    I googled the heck out of “typical” protocols using the meds I knew about — it was pretty close to what I actually did. I think they all do kinda the same thing. You just have to figure out what Menopur is like — I did lo dose HCG in place of Menopur, I think. But they both do kinda the same thing…

  5. Wow, hold onto that mechanic of yours! More than one shop I know would’ve charged you much more just for taking a look. A good mechanic is worth his weight in gold!

    I am excited for you and this IVF, and hopeful that it works. With IF treatments it always seemed to me like taking the first step, getting the ball rolling, is the tough party. After that it’s just a matter of intertia.

  6. THANK YOU, car. I’m hoping that’s the last little scare and that everything will go perfectly in your life from now on. Seriously–no more burned dinner, no more stubbed toes, no more life without baby. Prepared to hold my breath for the duration of this cycle if that will make it fucking WORK.

  7. What happy, unexpected news that the car was a cheap fix. I take that as a good omen for what’s coming up in IVFland. So very excited for you, dear woman. I hold a lot of hope and will be cheering you on each step of the way (even if it takes me forever and three days to comment).

  8. Cheap car trouble? But that never happens! And it deserves some sort of congrats or applause or something. Besides that, looks like this IVF is starting to feel real. I’ve got every finger and toe crossed over themselves for you, and if Alex’s finger wasn’t busted, I’d be making him cross all of his too. Deep breaths, and good luck!

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