you mean it’s not supposed to do that?

Remember how I said we had the money ready for our IVF cycle? Well, that may have been hubris.

Yesterday we had to drive someone to the airport, which is a 3.5-4 hour round trip. (I told you we live in the boonies.) We got all the way up there and about halfway home, when my husband made me turn off our This American Life podcast (I told you we were walking stereotypes).

“Is there smoke coming out of the back of the car?” he asked.

I turned around to look.

“I don’t think so, but it’s hard to tell with the back window being so dirty.”

I kept looking, he kept driving, and after a few minutes the smoke was unmistakeable. We pulled off the highway into a gas station. He opened the hood to reveal smoke coming from the engine.

Not good. Not good at all.

I started cleaning the back window with the gas station squeegee thing. It wouldn’t come clean. And why was it so dirty in the first place? Anyone mechanically-minded has probably already figured it out:


Just gushing out of the car. Getting into the exhaust and spraying all over the back window (and any unlucky people behind us).

We put 3 quarts of oil into the car (!) and got back on the road, thinking we would try to make it home. We pulled off again at the next exit (12 miles down the road) to see how much oil we had lost in that short distance.

3 more quarts.

We called AAA. The car is now in the parking lot of our usual shop, and we’re going to find out today if there is any hope at all for our engine.

I really am not interested in buying either a new engine or (heavenly being of your choice forbid) a car at this particular point in time. Keep your fingers crossed!


6 responses to “you mean it’s not supposed to do that?

  1. SHIIIIIIIIIIIT. Oh car, I hate you for doing this right now. I mean, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, please just have a little tiny leak in your oil pan or something super minor! Don’t FUCK WITH THE IVF, car!

  2. Ugggh. This sucks. I just had this happen to my 97 Civic. Instead of getting a new engine, we got a new car—new being a 98 Camry. Sorry this is happening at a time when money is more precious than ever! I hope you find a solution that doesn’t break the bank!

  3. Fertiles would tell you that this news will mean that you get pregnant! I hope it turns out to be nothing and you don’t have to get an new engine. Given my only experience with oil leaking cars, I hope yours is not like mine ($1300 fix, then the car still DIED two weeks later. I had to get a new car).

  4. Oh, nooooooo. Fingers crossed it’s something relatively minor. Doesn’t that stupid car know you need that money for IVF? Ugh. *shaking my fist at the universe*

  5. What a ride from hell. Oil spewing is not what anyone wants to see. But I am tensing all up at the thought that this would compromise your IVF cycle. NOoooooooo! Please let it be very minor. Please.

  6. Noooooo. What a fucking mess!! I so hope that it turns out to be an easy fix. Seriously, you never know! Maybe it is!!

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