shark week

My husband is watching sharks eat baby seals on the Discovery Channel. Surely this is a metaphor for something.

Our first (and likely only) IVF is next month. Today is CD5, so we’re about four weeks from lighting this shit up. It is starting to feel real. We have the money (important, as the clinic insists on payment in full in advance). We have told our respective families. I have a phone conference scheduled with the IVF coordinator for next week so she can confirm dates with us and order my drugs.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.


10 responses to “shark week

  1. You’re back! So excited for you to get this started. Everything crossed for you guys!

  2. Yay! You’re back! And, yes, you’ll definitely need a bigger boat. Maybe the sharks are like the drugs you’ll be injecting and the baby seals are like all the negative outcomes that could happen.

  3. Good Luck, Ginger and Lime…

  4. Glad you’re back, lovely! I’m hopeful an excited for you. Let the games begin.

  5. Exciting!!!

    I’m on CD 4 and am starting IVF next month, too. Mine starts with 2 weeks of bcp’s, though, which will start with my next cycle in early September. So mine technically starts in 4 weeks, but nothing big will be happening for another 2 weeks after that. I won’t even order my drugs until early September, so you’re ahead of me, I think.

    Good luck!!!

  6. SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!!! Light it up, sister. Hoping for a smooth go of it for you.

  7. HELLO LADY! I’ve been thinking of you, hoping things were going well. So! You’re doing it! I’m excited and scared to see you guys taking this step. I am channeling all the people I’ve seen get a baby out of one and only one cycle. No reason in the world you shouldn’t be one of them. But OH, what a lot of stuff must be going on in your head!

  8. Had no idea you were doing IVF so soon! Thinking of you always, and hoping for the best!
    Btw, shark week is apparently a really big deal at the bars around here. People watch it like it’s an event!
    But yeah – yay for ivf!! (Yay for injections and dropping the equivalent of a few mortgage payments? Yes, dammit. Yay.) Hope you’re not too nervous – you have a whole support system here who loves you 🙂

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