BFN today, not that I expected anything else, but no sign of my period. My body is just fucking with me at this point.


7 responses to “wtf

  1. Frack. I’m so sorry, G&L.

  2. I’m sorry, that sucks. Sometimes you just wish your period would hurry the f*ck up so you can move on.

  3. Damn. I am so sorry. Bloody hag is a most unwelcome guest when she arrives unexpectedly or late. Most unwelcome.

  4. I am so sorry. You are in my thoughts.

  5. Ugh, I’m sorry 😦 It’s so hard to accept the bfn when she hasn’t shown her face yet. Happened to me my last IUI cycle, drove me insane! Hugs!

  6. So Sorry, dearie!

  7. Really, really sorry to hear this. And I figure there ain’t much else I can say, except I’m thinking of you, and wishing this weren’t your path.

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