I was clever last month.  I planned a lovely weekend away (our first in years that didn’t involve some horrible family event) to coincide with CD1, in the hope that it would distract me from my usual depressing spiral.  And you know what?  It kind of worked!  CD1 showed up as expected (actually a day early, the bitch).  But when she got here, there was this:

Yes, please.

That, dear friends, is a very large glass of very good gin with muddled mint and cucumber.  The menu described it as gin and tonic water  with muddled mint and cucumber.  The menu was lying.  If there was any tonic water in there at all, it must have been put in with an eye dropper.  Dee-lish.

There was sightseeing:

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.

We went to the zoo, where my husband photographed every. animal. he. saw.  Including the squirrels and sparrows.  That is what he does, it makes him happy, and it’s why God made giant memory cards.  He did get that cute picture of an emperor tamarin, though.

Then we went to the ballet.  No pictures of that, unfortunately, as the ushers informed me that photos inside the performance hall are off-limits.  It was amazing.  After the ballet we ate snobby food:

I unironically used the word "gestalt" in describing this dessert. I may have a problem.

It was delightful.



8 responses to “minibreak

  1. This sounds like delightful break. I am drooling over that plate of tasty treats and that drink! I make a cucumber rum drink that is divine, but cucumber with gin sounds like a tea party in a glass. Yum!

  2. The drink and dessert look amazing, and everything else sounds fun, too! My husband does the same thing taking pictures, especially of animals or his nephews. And yes, some of them are bound to turn out adorable, like that emperor tamarin. Glad you guys had a good time!

  3. I think we should all get a vacation and a good glass of liquor on CD 1.

    Love that picture though I’d like more of whatever that creamy goodness on the left might be…

  4. Sounds divine!

  5. Oh YUMMY YUMMY YUM. I wish the vacation had come with a surprise thrill, but hey, a tamarin is almost as good as a pregnancy. For serious, though, I’m so happy the distraction worked a bit.

  6. Oh G&L, it DOES look delightful, the whole lot of it.

  7. Oh, what fun! I’ll take one of those cocktails right now please.
    When her patient says “part of me thinks….”, the Gestalt therapist interrupts her and says, “you don’t have parts”
    When the amazing woman says “this is my Gestalt desert”, her therapist friend says “yum”
    (sorry for that nonsense. It’s late and I am amusing myself with my own sad jokes)

  8. Port of Indecision

    You know, the problem with fancy food is that you only get a little bit of it. So I’m glad you got lots of good liquor to make up for it 🙂

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