Temperature has dropped.  Spotting has started.  Just waiting for that second shoe to drop so I can call the clinic and make plans for next time.


9 responses to “14dpiui

  1. Fuck. I’m so very sorry. You did everything right and really deserved to have this work.

  2. I’m so sorry. This blows.

  3. Thinking about you today. Really thinking about you.

  4. Crap. I’m so sorry :(.

  5. Oh I’m so sorry g&l, Really really sorry. xxx

  6. Well, fuck. That just plain sucks. Sorry. (((hugs)))

  7. Damnit. I’m sorry. I was really holding out some hope for you.

    I hope the other shoe is down (well, I really don’t and want a big surprise, but you know what I mean) and you are getting to move forward.

  8. I’m so sorry hun. 😦 This sucks.

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