BFN stands for bullshit fucking nothing, right?  I think I am losing my mind.  Deep breaths.  It ain’t over till I see red.


12 responses to “11dpiui

  1. Ick. Sorry! I just finished my 3rd IUI cycle…sucks so much than a regular bfn.

  2. I hate that about infertility: the bfn followed by the 2 sides of fighting in your head: “It’s too early yet. Lots of people have gotten a bfn at 11dpo and still been pregnant” vs. “It’s over. There’s no reason to believe anymore.” Fuck infertility. Seriously.
    But, to be fair, I do hope that it is just too early for a positive test. And I’m sorry that you had to face another negative.

  3. I had one of those today too! Yuck. I’m sorry.

    I hope aunt flo still doesn’t show and you get a nice surprise in a couple of days.

  4. I’ll echo Jackie. Fuck infertility.
    And you know that truly, it’s not over until you see red. So, test again in a day or two.

  5. So sorry :(. Really hoping for a bfp for you still…it’s not too late!

  6. I hope it’s just too early & you will get a bfp soon!

  7. May your red return in 2013.

  8. 11dpIUI *is*early. Even when I was pregnant with twins, I didn’t get a positive HPT until the equivalent of 12 DPO.

    It ain’t over yet. . . rooting for you.

  9. It sucks. I am still holding out hope for you as there is still time for that line to appear. Now stop testing and get back to cooking. I need more recipe ideas. 😉

  10. Oh HELL.

    The positive spin, in case that’s what you’re feeling like: it’s true–11 days is only like what, 65-70% accurate with a super sensitive test? My line at 12 dpIUI was suuuuper faint with an early detection test. And there are no shortage of stories of people who got negatives early and positives later…

    The negative spin, in case that’s what you’re feeling: IUI is a fucking whore. It makes things more efficient, yes, but my Re said it’s basically equivalent to two months (assuming two mature follicles) of perfectly timed sex. Loads of couples don’t get pregnant with six or more cycles of well-timed sex. It’s just a coin toss. Will an egg fertilize? Will it implant? Will it thrive? It’s just a heartbreaker, and the fact that it costs real money makes it all the suckier.

    That said, IUI does get people pregnant! I am hoping this will turn out to be the case for you today or tomorrow. But if not, don’t lose heart. Like you said earlier, this is your first attempt after a lot of changes (surgery, sperm stuff), and there’s no reason to think it won’t work in the longer term.

  11. 11 is early, so I’ll just echo that. And by 12 it can be the “you’ve convinced yourself it’s a line” line. All hope is not lost at this point. I’m just gonna keep on the glass half full side and get the shot of whiskey ready here in case you need some company if the bloody hag comes knocking.

  12. Um, no, it stands for “Big Fat Negative,” which is different from “Big Fat Nothing.” It’s still too early to tell. I barely had a line on my beta day (14dpIUI) and my HCG was 325!

    Do keep us posted! We’re rooting for you!

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