blog gremlins

So, Blogger hates me.  Over the past few weeks I have tried (and tried) to comment on some Blogger blogs … but the stoopid software won’t let me.  I have had this problem before but it never lasted more than a day or so.  I will keep trying!

**EDIT:  Apparently I can comment anonymously.


3 responses to “blog gremlins

  1. Poas? Poas!

    Be steady my hand as you raise the mighty double line to mine eyes.

  2. I’ve had the same problem. I wonder why it’s so hit and miss?

  3. I’m with Roccie on the peeing thing.
    Sorry that blogger is being such an idiot.
    Wanted to say that I had a friend over for supper last night and made your eggplant. It was a HUGE hit. I made it to go along with chickpea and date tagine on whole wheat couscous. It married well, and the whole meal was a hit. THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom, you culinary goddess.

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