inappropriate thoughts

that ran through my head while sitting on the table with my pants off yesterday morning waiting for my IUI:

1.  Why am I suddenly obsessed with Radiohead?  I must have listened to OK Computer 5 or 6 times over the last few days.

2.  Is this pube-shaving/waxing thing real?  Do people really do this?  Like, are my RE and his neverending parade of medical students actually expecting to see some neatly groomed and perfumed shit up in there?  Do they roll their eyes when they see my unshaven ladybits?

3.  Where do the drug dealers on Breaking Bad get those tiny little Ziploc bags they put the meth into?  They don’t sell those at any grocery store I’ve ever been to.

4.  If this actually works we will have a due date right around Halloween.  Must remember to tell Husband as this will make his day, his week, his year.  If it doesn’t work, must convince him not to wait another year just to hit the Halloween target again.

5.  I bet I could braise eggplant in the oven with soy sauce and sesame oil.  That shit will be bangin’.*

6.  Astrid.  Natalie.  Jane.  David.  Aaron.  Mark.

*  I tried this last night.  The shit was, in fact, bangin’. 


10 responses to “inappropriate thoughts

  1. This made me giggle. And the eggplant thing sounds yummy.

    Hope you get your Halloween due date!

  2. Fingers crossed you get a little trick-or-treater this year. 🙂

  3. YEAH! So excited that the IUI happened. Wow.
    And those random thoughts, I believe, are completely adaptive. Not the time to focus on how BIG this is. Just get through it. And cross all fingers and toes.
    I’m so hopeful for you G&L
    And that eggplant sounds yummeh

  4. I could do No Surprises over and over and over. The buildup is magnificent.

    Have considered same bag origins back in my consumer days.

    Astrid especially makes me smile.

  5. I’m hoping your Halloween due date is a reality!

    I’ve had similar thoughts to your #2 many times. I figure they must have seen every thing under the sun and more. And if they get a laugh out of me then so be it, right?

    How about some more details on #5. That sounds delicious!!

  6. Oh, the joy of being pantsless, and the utter strangeness of the whole thing. No wonder your mind went to some odd places. Here’s hoping there’s a fertilized egg up in there! Are you required to do a beta? Are you going to test ahead of time if so? Are you fully convinced that pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are often identical, and that being pregnant can feel exactly like not being pregnant? Are you going to eat a pineapple this week? So happy to have you in this extra hopeful two week wait…

  7. The album is awesome.
    I never thought about those mini ziplocs. I love Breaking Bad, so far.
    May this be your last 2ww in a long time.

  8. This was a hilarious post. I wonder some of the same stuff. Particularly #2 and 3. Good luck with your IUI!

  9. Good luck with everything!

    The small little bags reminded me of the little bead bags that you can buy at Hobby Lobby. I need to start watching BB again. I got side tracked by United States of Tara!

  10. Hmmm, I need to try that bangin’ shit! I also worry about the status of the landscaping in the nether regions. I seriously doubt they care, but I know the feeling!

    Good luck!

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