they really ought to be red

The pills, I mean.

I took my first dose of Clomid last night and, like the overwrought drama queen I am, I really feel I’ve gone down the rabbit hole.  It’s hard to believe that since August 2008 — after seeing three REs, being misdiagnosed, having surgery — swallowing those pills was my first real step forward.  This could be our first legitimate shot at getting pregnant.

I am on 100mg of Clomid once a day until next Friday Sunday.  RE wants me to start OPK next Thursday.*  Friday they will check my follicles, and hopefully we will be good to go for our IUI!

It’s kind of amazing, really, that it has taken us this long to get to this point.  Three and a half years of infertility with no end in sight — and now here we are with a real chance.  It feels sappy to say it, but my life in the last six months has really turned the fuck around,** and I’m sort of left wondering what I did to deserve all this good fortune.

Like I said, the pills ought to be red.

* Believe it or not, that’s another thing I’ve never done before. 

** Nothing cuts sappiness like a good old F-bomb.


3 responses to “they really ought to be red

  1. I’m so glad you finally feel like you’re getting somewhere. For us, it started in September with Hubby’s injections, but we still have a long way to go. Good luck with this IUI!

  2. YEAH! I’ve never taken clomid, so I have nothing to say about its color, but I’ve had positive turn arounds in my life, and THOSE are GREAT. I’m so glad that this is all unfolding for you, G&L.

  3. Exciiiiiiiiting! And hey, not like you need to earn good things, but if you did, you’ve certainly put in your time. You’ve been through a ton, and with such fortitude. Here’s hoping the first time is the charm!

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