i’ve done it again!

(Gone totally MIA during ICLW, that is.)

I had such high hopes for the posts I was going to make last week, despite it being Thanksgiving, but as usual when faced with the choice between turning on the computer and playing another game of pinochle with my aunt and uncle, I picked pinochle.  All week.*

My husband and I drove up to the Ancestral Home to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving this year.  We haven’t been able to do that for a very long time and it was nice to see everyone.  In our new place we are a lot closer to my family (driving distance instead of flying) but farther from his.  I kind of feel bad about that, but we lived relatively close to his family for several years as well, so I guess it’s my turn!

We feasted.  We visited.  We played lots and lots of pinochle.

And now I’m catching up on my ICLW comments as well as the blogs in my reader.  A substantive post is coming, I promise.

* We’re kind of obsessed.

2 responses to “i’ve done it again!

  1. Sounds like such a lovely time with your relatives. Nothing like a good game to focus everyone’s togetherness in a positive fashion. Glad that your new location is closer to Ancestral Home and permits you warm family gatherings like the one you’ve just had. There will be another ICLW next month!

  2. Port of Indecision

    Heh. I’ve been an ICLW dropout before 🙂

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