Welcome to this week’s installment of “things not to place inside your vagina.”

Via Shakesville:

Kotex recalls tampons due to bacterial contamination.


The original article at parenting.com (linked in the Shakesville post) has lot numbers.  Check your stash, ladies!  This is scary stuff.



5 responses to “yikes

  1. Port of Indecision


  2. omg. that is gross. Even the name of the bacteria is super-scary. It sounds like a missile. I certainly will be checking my feminine hygiene products. Thanks G&L.

  3. Ahh, scary! I am an OB woman myself.

  4. Hi, here from ICLW….. phew, that is scary! That makes me double-glad I ditched the tampons (I used to be an OB woman, too) for sanitary napkins because that’s supposed to be more healthy according to TCM.

  5. Here from ICLW

    EEK that is scary!!! Thanks for sharing

    ICLW #68

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