we can dance if we want to

So I’m charting again.  I stopped a long time ago because the futility overwhelmed me, but now that we’re here and I’m not a pathetic sack of anxiety I thought it might be a good idea to start again.

My husband was looking over my shoulder as I was on FF the other day, and we  had the following conversation:

Husband:  What does BD mean?

Me:  It’s dumb.  Are you sure you want to know?

Husband:  Come on, what does it mean?

Me:  Baby dance.

Husband:  Baby dance, baby dance, everybody take off your pants.


7 responses to “we can dance if we want to

  1. This left me laughing this morning. Also sucked into the vortex of videos thanks to you. I had forgotten this video entirely.

  2. Love it :). Your husband cracks me up. And yes, “baby dance” is the silliest term ever. I mean, really, who came up with that anyway?

  3. The “BD” thing blows my mind. We are adult women discussing attempts at conception and can’t say “sex”? I always say sex. (And on the pregnancy side, women are always asking how often other pregnant women “BD”. Sorry, if I’m having sex while pregnant, the last thing on my mind is “baby dance”. Ick.)

  4. I am ridiculously pleased w myself that I recognized the image before you named that tune.

    Knees up, darling, knees up!

  5. Port of Indecision


    And yeah. I’ve never (on forums, blogs, etc) been able to bring myself to call it BD. It’s so ridiculously cheesy.

  6. I loved that song in the 80s! Your husband’s funny.

    I have long been perplexed by our society’s tendency to use euphemisms for things which are perfectly natural and should be given their proper name. So “baby dance” is one of these things, and I don’t call it that. . . I say “sex” or “intercourse” or “marital relations” if I don’t want to be seen as indelicate. 🙂

  7. blast from the past. Thanks for that.
    I also feel allergic to the term BD. FF should grow up and use the S-E-X word.

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