money talks

A quick update on our moving situation:

My husband contacted our credit card company on Thursday to initiate a dispute on the charge for the move.  Magically, Friday morning, we had not only a new delivery date, but specific information about the route the driver would be taking, a communication from someone much higher up in the company, and a confirmation that our stuff had in fact left the warehouse.

New delivery date: this coming Wednesday.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but still, this is progress.


3 responses to “money talks

  1. Fingers crossed! So glad there was some movement.

  2. How frustrating. I hope you have your furniture soon.

  3. Port of Indecision

    Ugh, businesses are such greedy a-holes. I’m glad you guys finally got some movement (haha, get it?) out of them, but it sucks that you had to take it this far. I hope your stuff arrives, in perfect condition, right when it’s supposed to.

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