re-introducing myself

I wouldn’t blame my former readers if they had long since abandoned this blog like that creepy house at the end of the street where the shutters are always flapping and the paint is peeling and you just know teenagers are sneaking in to smoke pot and don’t they know about toxic mold for heaven’s sake?

That ginger and lime, she just comes and goes as she pleases.  Leaves us hanging with a post about freaking reality TV and totally drops off the face of the earth.

And when was the last time she commented on anyone else’s blog?

Really, the nerve of some people.

I feel like I’m starting new with this post — I disengaged from the whole blogosphere months ago and now I’m here in our new place, I think I can finally plunge back in.  The last few months have been hard, and all I could do was put my head down and barrel through.  No time for reflection, no time for sorting things out in paragraph form and interspersing them with out-of-date pop culture references.  Some things that have happened, in no particular order:

  • I quit my job.
  • My ensemble disbanded.
  • My husband and I lived apart for two (count ’em) two months.
  • I watched the entire run of Mad Men on Netflix.*
  • I packed up all of our stuff and moved 900 miles.

Some of these things are more important than others.

My husband is doing great in his new job.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s teaching the living heck out of those students, I tell you what!  And as of last Friday, we live in the same house again.  I really regret the way I handled the move.  We had very little time to think about how to work things — my husband got the job offer on a Monday night and had to be here teaching by the following Monday, so that was a hold-your-breath-and-hope-for-the-best situation.  There was no way I would be able to pack up all our stuff and be ready to move out within a week, so he hopped a plane and I stayed behind.

For two months.

Too long.  Much too long.

My (now former) boss found out about my husband’s job offer less than 12 hours after we did, and called me into her office to demand an explanation.  She wanted to know why I hadn’t told her (!), she wanted to know how it happened, and she wanted to know how long I planned to stay at work.  She backed me into a corner and, being the weak-willed spineless sea cucumber that I am, I spit out an ending date that was quite a lot later than it needed to be.

My mind was just racing with everything that was happening, and what I should have done was to tell her I needed more time to think about it.  But that’s not what I did, and she was immediately on the phone to our HR rep making it official.

I am so freaking glad never to have to go back to that office again.

But that’s another story.

What I have learned from this: my marriage is more important than any job, any work-related obligation, and any bullying boss.  It is my responsibility to put my marriage first — no one else will do that for me and in fact some people won’t hesitate to take advantage of me if I don’t speak up for my priorities.

I am so grateful to be finally home.

*Seriously, they’re going to stop there?  I need season 5 and I need it now.



8 responses to “re-introducing myself

  1. I’ve missed you! I’m sorry you spent those 2 months alone and in a yucky job situation. I hope things get better from here on out!

  2. Yay, you’re back! I’ve been wondering how things have been going. It sucks that you had to live away from your husband 😦 But luckily your marriage survived and thrived (at least, from what it sounds like) and you seem pretty happy with how it all turned out. It’s been a hell of a year for you, that’s for sure! Now go and celebrate with the husband! If you can get one more good thing out of this, it’s a “second honeymoon,” right? 😉

  3. Okay, first of all, welcome back! I have been wondering about you every time I walk by your house, I knew that you moved but the silence confused me. I am glad you are well and reunited with your hubs, I know how shitty it is to be apart. I hope that you are adjusting well to your new digs. Can’t wait to hear more about it. A blog break is never a bad thing, do what you need to take care of yourself but I’m glad you back.
    I just finished season 4 of Mad Men and I share your sentiment, I CAN”T wait!!!

  4. Hey, the kids need somewhere to smoke up, and if you can provide that service… but I’m glad they’ll have to start using the parking lot at the seven eleven again. I hope they didn’t trash things too badly.

    I’m so glad you’re settled and have some room in your head for us. I’ve been thinking of you. I look forward to hearing more about how things are going. And mad props to your husband for doing so well on short notice. Super impressive!

  5. Welcome back, G&L! It’s so great to see your blog pop up again on the ol’ blogger reader. That is quite the list of changes you’ve got there. I am thrilled to read that you are reunited with your husband.
    I am so glad you are far away from that boss. Who does she think she is anyway?

  6. What a beautiful lesson. I don’t know where all this sap is coming from but man alive, what a wonderful thing to learn.

    I like your rapid fire bullet update. I busted the teens and took that stash for myself. Someday. Ok I am really going to resell it as I could use a few extra bucks.

  7. (My sap, not your sap. I just felt a real heartstring pull with that one. Maybe because I would also consider selling my husband for a few bucks these days. Ouch.)

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