vagabond shoes

Yesterday we went to a wedding.  It was beautiful and I cried at all of the usual places: during the readings, during the vows, during the toasts, during the first dance and the father-daughter dance (“New York, New York” — hence the title of this post).  I’m apparently incurably sappy.  It gets worse the older I get!

I didn’t know very many people there, but I knew of a lot of them.  The bride, who collaborates a lot with my husband, is a fairly well-known actress and producer in our city, and the guest list was a who’s who of the theatre community.  It was pretty intimidating — and all of the speeches were unusually good.

The bride is 5 months pregnant and she was absolutely radiant.

Just before the ceremony I checked my phone to make sure it wouldn’t ring, and I saw a missed call from my brother.

My sister-in-law had the baby!


5 responses to “vagabond shoes

  1. Sounds like a day filled with emotion, G&L. How did all this baby stuff feel right up in your face like that? I hope you had space to take good care of yourself through this. Sending you hugs, dear woman.

  2. A great big dose of other people’s happiness. HURRAH! I hope that you at least got a tasty meal. And I hope your newest relation is doing well. But mainly I hope that you are reserving your energy for the interview. At which you will kick ass.

  3. I occasionally do wedding photography and I find that I get teary-eyed right along with everyone else at the wedding!

    Good luck with your interview on Wednesday!

  4. What a day! What a day!

    Am glad you enjoyed the wedding, though I think the bride’s pregnancy, and your SIL’s news must be a loaded thing – very bittersweet.

    Good Luck with the interview. Do very well!

  5. What an emotive day for you. I am a real crier at weddings too, I just can’t help myself. I love a good wedding.
    I’m glad you were able to see the good in these pregnancies, it’s not easy to do, you’re very special.

    PS just catching up – congrats on getting an interview for your job, have my fingers crossed here that you knock em out with your brilliance.

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