unexpected good news (no, not bfp)

Holy shit, ladies.  Ho-ly shit.

Remember that job I applied for?  Well, I didn’t get it.  But about three weeks ago I got an email from someone at that university, inviting me to apply for a second position they had opened.

Of course I scrambled to get my materials together and got the application sent out before I left for Thailand.  I got back last week … and found I’d missed a call from them requesting more materials (several email interview questions which I never received).  I called and emailed, begged and pleaded in the best, most professional way I knew how, and got them to re-send the questions and extend the deadline for me.  I stayed up most of the night completing them and submitted under the wire.

Today I got a call:  they want me to come out and interview.

Next week.

Did I mention, holy shit?

This job would be an AMAZING opportunity.  It’s literally twice as much money as I currently make (albeit in a place with a higher cost of living), it’s work I’m good at with a mission I believe in, and it’s in a state that mandates insurance coverage for IVF.

Holy shit.


My interview is next Wednesday, and I’ve already gone shopping for a long-sleeved blouse I can wear to cover up my tattoo.  Now I need some advice:  how do I handle missing work for this?  Do I say I have an emergency and will need 2 days off next week, or do I just wait till the day of the interview and call in sick from Maryland?  What is least likely to bite me in the ass if I don’t get the job?

Also, interview advice please!  Anything and everything you have to share, I want to know it.  This is an administrative job at a university; email me if you want more specifics, as I don’t want this to be Googlable.

Holy shit.


15 responses to “unexpected good news (no, not bfp)

  1. Congrats!! 🙂 This sounds like it’s perfect for you! Just make sure that they know you’re also perfect for it! (That’s the extent of my interview advice – sorry, they aren’t my strong point)
    As for missing work, just tell them you need a couple personal days. I don’t know what your work policy is or if this is possible, but talk to coworkers in advance about covering your shift. Calling in sick should be a last resort if they don’t approve your time (though I’d go into an urgent care with a case of the sniffles so you can get a doctors note if you have insurance… pretty sure they can’t hold a valid note against you, but don’t quote me)
    Best of luck! Fingers crossed that this opportunity works out!

  2. Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing! And like they like you already. 🙂

    I agree–tell them you need a couple of days off for “personal reasons”.

    Really hoping you get this position! (And that the insurance kicks in right away!)

  3. Wow, congratulations! Good luck :). Keeping everything crossed that the interview goes fabulously!

  4. EEEEEeeek! This is totally wonderful. The fact that they are already interested in you (an INVITATION! HOW COOL IS THAT!) and willing to extend the deadline for you is certainly a good thing. As for advice…this may be total crap, but just in case it’s not:
    *If it were me, I’d have a terrible case of nerves, and to soothe them, I’d try the following trick. I’d imagine myself at my first day of work and try to imagine myself all full of energy and enthusiasm and drive, to sort of be the person they already hired as I walked into that interview. It’s basically a psychological trick to combat my tendency to think I am worthless and why would anyone hire me.
    *Practice the interview with someone who makes you nervous. You can probably guess what sorts of things they’ll ask you.
    *Don’t forget to have questions for them, preferably interesting ones about things like the future trajectory of their whatever, as opposed to obvious ones like pay…
    *Focus on this: “it’s work I’m good at with a mission I believe in”

    I am rooting so damn hard for you. And yeah, the “personal matter” approach sounds like a good one provided you think they will let you take the days. Obviously if they say no and you then call in sick, it will be a bit obvious, but screw ’em!

  5. Woot woot! That is great news!
    I agree with Bunny’s advice: practice with someone and know they are interested in you! I would call in sick unless you have personal days.
    Good luck.


    Best, best wishes. I think there is nothing better than confidence. You can order yours RIGHT UP since they came looking for you. G&L, on demand. That should settled deep in your brain. You have cleared the hardest hurdles already. This step is just to make sure you all would enjoy working together.

    And who doesnt love full time G&L?

    Amplify all this with the fact that they bent some rules to accommodate your travel when you missed the original questions. It doesnt seem to me that folks like a university like to make exceptions but they did.

    Personal days are just that – you can take them without providing an itinerary. The less detail, the better.

    We will always keep the light on here for you in Chgo. I hope it remains on just for visits and you become the crab eating fool I think all folks from MD are!!!

    BEST WISHES!!!!!

  7. I just started a job at UMD…so I understand your excitement over IVF coverage:) My suggestions: Be super postive, confident, and interested in THEM, as in “Your campus is beautiful”, “You have a great office” “OH, I love that bracelet”….you need to connect with them personally and professionally. Also, do your homework on the University, the job, and potential gaps they need you to fill…ask questions about their needs…and be SUPER confident of being able to fill them (even if you have no idea). GOOD LUCK!!!

  8. Ooooo, so exciting! Sending you good interview vibes! Knock ’em dead!

  9. YEAH!!!! SCORE on that interview, G&L. This is all very exciting. Congrats, you have obviously made a strong impression already. Now you are going to seal the deal next Wednesday.
    I agree with everyone on what to say to current employer: you absolutely don’t need to tell them anything aside from the fact that you will not be there. Personal life // Professional life: see the nice boundary I put between the two? And yes, a potential new job is in the personal life side of the equation because it’s not YET in your professional life. But soon…
    Before I go to interviews, I usually look over generic interview questions and try to answer them for myself. I sometimes write out answers, just to organize my thoughts. I also think about examples that demonstrate certain of my skills I would like to emphasize. Making a list of examples saves me having to come up with one during the interview, and also lets me select the best example for each point I want to make. I often decide ahead of time which “weakness” I am going to bring up if they ask me the strengths and weaknesses question. As someone who could go on all day about how inadequate I feel, I like to be prepared for that specific question and give a significant, yet not fatal flaw, and demonstrate how I work on it.
    I really liked Bunny’s suggestion of showing up in the mind frame of your first day at work at said job. That’s probably why you want to get familiar with the place as much as possible before the interview, so you have a sense of familiarity with it by the time you are talking to them.

  10. I’m delurking to say congrats on the interview. Recommend you just call in sick morning of. That’s all. Hold your nose so you sound stuffed up.
    I also wanted to comment on the Thailand post — you are SO not responsible for other people’s happiness, but it’s nice of you to have worried about her. The other woman sounds like a bore. And your food pictures made me super hungry — I love Thailand and love the street food!!
    Back to the interview — you are going to do great!

  11. dontfuckitupdontfuckitupdontfuckitup!

    As to whether to ask for the time off or just call in sick, which of those two will be less likely to be met with a request for further explanation by your current boss? And go with that option.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  12. That is so exiting! I’ve been at the same job for 14 years so I am definitely not one to give interview advice but I am sure if you are yourself and are confident and positive things will go well.

    Good luck to you!

  13. How exciting and encouraging!

    Could you simply say that you need 2 personal days to take care of something? And stop it there. We IFers are good at such vagueness, no?

  14. OMG!!!! So exciting, and unnerving too!

    I hope you get that job!

    Don’t have much wisdom for you except that be on time, be neat and carry all your testimonials, and research about the university for which you have applied.

    And have an answer for ‘why you?’ ready. Go for the kill!!!

    Good Luck!

    And take an off for personal reasons. Nothing else – no medical googaa, just a casual personal thing or a family thing.

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