Planned Parenthood didn’t save my life.  At least, not right there in the exam room.

Every time I went there, they gave me a pelvic exam and a prescription for oral contraceptives. Unlike the student health center at my university, they didn’t make me watch condescending videos about how babies are made.  They didn’t tell me my tattoo probably meant I had hepatitis.

They charged me on a sliding scale and didn’t even ask if I had insurance.

They didn’t save my life, and my story is unremarkable in its ordinariness, but that’s why it’s important.  There are millions and millions of me — people who needed, and received, basic health care without judgment or undue expense.

Planned Parenthood does lots of things for lots of people, and a lot of what it does is ordinary.  It shouldn’t be invisible.


5 responses to “ordinary

  1. Amen! I only ever used them once (for Plan B), but damn was I glad they were there. I may not like every service they provide, but they are one of the best places to go if you are in need.
    They even asked if I wanted them to use a friend’s name if they ever had to call the house. Way to uphold a woman’s right to privacy! 🙂
    They’ve always had my support. Thanks for posting this. It’s too true – they provide *ordinary* services that women may not otherwise be able to get. I know many who have been able to prevent unwanted babies, get tested for diseases, or get referred to other helpful agencies/providers thanks to Planned Parenthood.

  2. St. Elsewhere

    Ordinary need not be invisible. Fantastic point made, ginger and lime!

    When you take a breather, maybe there is something for you on my blog.

  3. I’ve used Planned Parenthood’s services, too, and never for abortion, just for routine stuff like Pap smears and birth control pills (back when I thought I needed those, ha ha).

  4. This is such a good point, and such an important one. The PP haters are so intent on sensationalistic abortion stories and twisting what PP actually does. The reality is that the vast majority of what they do is so ordinary, banal, and IMPORTANT to women’s health. And that’s what should be getting the attention.

  5. INDEED! It sounds like our stories are similar. I really love the way you express it, and I’m glad they were there for you.

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