planned parenthood blog carnival

Have I said it enough times?  Reproductive choice means all choices.  The GOP’s state-by-state assault on reproductive choice since the 2010 elections cannot be ignored.  Planned Parenthood has been specifically targeted in Kansas, Indiana, and other places.

On July 7, Melissa at Shakesville and Tami at What Tami Said are hosting “My Planned Parenthood,” a blog carnival inviting women to tell our stories about how Planned Parenthood has been there for us.

Here’s how to participate.

I plan to participate in the carnival and I hope you will too.  In my case, PP was my only source for women’s health care and oral contraceptives during my uninsured early 20s.  (The complete lack of necessity for the pill hadn’t yet become apparent.)

Here’s how to participate.

Oh, and did I mention, Here’s how to participate.



2 responses to “planned parenthood blog carnival

  1. St. Elsewhere

    I shall be reading!

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