what i did on my summer vacation

Yesterday I had a day off.  Like, a real one.  Today it’s back to the grind, but yesterday I stayed home and blew everybody off.  I didn’t check my email, I didn’t return work-related calls, I didn’t prepare for my rehearsals and concerts that are coming up.

It was amazing.

I started catching up on posts — oh, there is so much going on with so many of you ladies and I am sorry to have missed so much.  I am trying to get over to everyone’s spaces and reconnect.

Then I sat outside on my porch and drank coffee.  Heaven.

Then I cleaned my kitchen.

Then I started cooking.  Yesterday I made:

  • A fresh batch of chicken stock.  I always try to keep some in the house but haven’t had time to make it for a while.
  • Vegetarian chili.  An old favorite recipe that will be good for dinner for a few nights this week.
  • Vaguely Korean chicken (with the serving pieces of the same chicken — I make the stock out of the back, the neck, and the skin) with hot pepper paste, scallions, and sesame oil.
  • I tried a new recipe for homemade spicy ginger soda.  You make simple syrup (1 cup sugar, 2 cups water) with lots of ginger, lots of red pepper flakes, and a little salt.  You simmer it, strain and chill, then mix with soda water and squeeze a lime over it.  This was not super successful, but we figured out that if we added enough gin it tasted pretty good. 🙂

So now my refrigerator is full of good things to get us through the week, and more importantly I spent the whole day at home.  Did I mention I blew off email?

My anxiety is already mounting for what I’m going to have to deal with today and (especially) tomorrow, but I so, so needed that one day.

Thanks for your thoughts on yesterday’s post.  There is a lot going on below the surface right now and I am taking to heart St. Elsewhere’s words — it is a lot easier not to say than it is to unsay.


4 responses to “what i did on my summer vacation

  1. Nothing like a day off to feel human again. I’m so glad you took time to chill and cook. Now, how can we work towards getting you more than a single day off for your summer vacation?

  2. Sounds heavenly, and WOW, super productive. I feel like any one of those things could occupy a whole day… I love days that are super satisfying like that, where you accomplish a ton. Next summer, I hope you get a whole day of sitting on the porch…

  3. Spicy ginger soda sounds really good, actually. Why didn’t it taste good?

  4. It sounds lovely and much needed. Hope you plan more days like this…

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