is this thing on?

Excuse me while I blow the dust off the cover of my Intertubes Access Device….

It appears I have a weblog.  Of sorts.  Which is hopelessly out of date.

So here are some updates.

  • TTC update:  Still fucking.  No baby yet.
  • Japan update:  Still worried.  Dad still OK.
  • Husband dissertation update:  Approved by graduate office.  Defense on April 15.

And that’s about it, folks!

There have been lots of successful cycles over the past few weeks and I hope you’re partying it up with the ladies who are looking at TWO LINES and DOUBLING BETAS.




5 responses to “is this thing on?

  1. Good luck to your Hubby! April 15th is a lucky day :).

  2. OH MAH GAWD, a dissertation defense! That’s my birthday, so I am happy to assure you that all will go well. I imagine the next two-ish weeks will be pretty tense for both of you, but I hope they will be followed by big time relief.

  3. Super Good Luck to your hubby…will he become Dr. Male Ginger and Lime?

    16th April is my hubby’s birthday…

  4. Hey G&L… Your husbands dissertation defense is on my birthday too (bunny & I share this special day!!). So of course I have to second what she said and assure you that it will go swimingly perfect.
    Hope everything else in your life calms down soon, it must be really stressful to have your dad over there in Japan. So devastating what that country has endured.


  5. Good luck to your husband with his dissertation defense!

    Good to hear from you. 🙂

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