I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my dad lives in Tokyo.  Every time I get an email from him that he’s still OK, I calm down a little.  But then I just look at Yahoo or CNN or the New York Times….

And start freaking out all over again.

I don’t know how to feel.  My dad and his wife are OK … is it monstrous for me to feel relieved that he’s OK when SIX THOUSAND PEOPLE ARE DEAD?  I mean, have you seen these pictures?

My dad says he thinks the press are being irresponsible in the coverage of the nuclear situation.  He thinks they’re choosing sensationalism over fact in a deliberate antinuclear political strategy.   But it is clearly a very, very serious situation.  It’s hard to know what to believe, but I do know my dad is working with his company to supply equipment to the salvage operations that are going on.

I haven’t given any money.  Have you?  I am thinking about how best to deploy my pathetically small contribution.  Amnesty International is my usual go-to, but I haven’t heard anything (thank god) about any human rights issues happening due to this disaster.  Maybe the Red Cross.  I have heard that when a crisis catches global attention, organizations like the Red Cross actually have a hard time continuing to care for people in other places because so much funding is coming in for the current crisis, no one gives for the benefit of other people who are suffering for other reasons.


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  1. I had read your dad was in Japan, but it did not come to mind when the disasters struck. I bet you are worried sick with the back and forth.

    I have been considering where to donate. I read about nations only putting a portion of the pledged amount on the scene. I should stop and give. There is a big difference in my small donation vs multi millions.

    This might surprise you, but I recently got the prayer thing going on my end again. I will be keeping your dad in my thoughts specifically when I think of Japan.

  2. Not even remotely monstrous… So, so normal to feel 2 sets of feelings – relief for the safety of your loved ones and sadness for those lost. Happy for you that they’re ok. We donated to Doctors Without Borders, otherwise I’ve read that the Japanese Red Cross is a good option.

  3. I did give to the Red Cross (despite mixed feelings about the whole “trendy disaster” thing–I have a friend who is still working in Haiti…).

    I’m glad your family is ok!!!

  4. How could you not feel relief that your dad and his wife are safe? In a terrible situation, we give thanks for the small miracles that happen. That your dad and his wife are safe is a blessing.
    I haven’t given yet, although it has been on my mind too. I usually give to Medecin Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), and sometimes to the Red Cross and sometimes to World Vision. It depends what I hear in terms of which organization has been able to established itself “on the ground”.
    It has been helpful to listen to nuclear experts talk on CBC (our NPR equivalent) about how the situation is actually much less dire than other nuclear disasters in recent history. Citing Chernobyl as an example, they indicated that what was happening in Japan was on a much, much smaller scale. I think since they were able to shut down all nuclear reaction, a full nuclear meltdown was avoided. Of course, they are still trying to contain the situation and no one there will sleep well until that happens, but it is important to put it in historical context.

  5. Before anything else, Happy Blogoversary! It has been quite an year.

    Also, I am glad that your Dad and his wife are safe. I am hoping that they have stocked up on Pottasium Iodide and are being careful.

    The tragedy in Japan breaks my heart – the huge death toll, and the devastation is immense. Also, the workers who are still there at Fukushima are already in the clutches of severe radiation and yet they are tirelessly working for things to be controlled. That is determination.

    I have not given money yet.

    And Congratulations to your hubby for almost-finishing his degree. I hope the defense will go well.

    Take Care!

    P.S. Ginger and Lime, Regarding your comment on my blog…you are not assvicey at all!

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