so close he can taste it

My husband is almost done with his degree.  He is putting the finishing touches on his dissertation (which is a large-scale musical composition) and has to turn in the finished score on Friday.  He’s wheeling and dealing with his committee to try to find a defense date when they’ll all be in town.  He’s got a performance for the dissertation already lined up and has to have the score and parts to the conductor by the end of the month.  Last week he bought his cap and gown and hood for commencement.

He’s just got to hold on for a few more weeks….

He can DO IT.


3 responses to “so close he can taste it

  1. I’m cheering him on! Let us all graduate, for heaven’s sake. Hope the defense can be booked asap.

  2. It’s a rough spot in life, but I agree–he can do it! And lordy lord, I sure hope he feels massive relief after it’s over. I found the scheduling to be extra stressful, somehow! Tell him we are all rooting for him super hard.

  3. Good luck to your husband!

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