one year?

Hey, I just noticed.  I’ve been here a year.  Go figure.

My first post.

(It shows up second as you scroll through the archives because I hadn’t figured out how to set my time zone yet; the post that shows up first was actually written third.)


5 responses to “one year?

  1. Happy anniversary!!

  2. Happy Blogoversary!

  3. I’m never sure whether a year is worth celebrating or not–after all, as much as I love your point of view, I’d rather you were too busy taking care of a baby and enjoying your new awesome and deeply fulfilling job to post… But until that day comes, I’m glad you’re here.

  4. Congratulations old timer.

  5. Happy Blogoversary!

    And best of luck to your husband! The waiting has got to be difficult.

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