why yes, it is winter!

Our car yesterday morning.

Our car yesterday afternoon.

Boy howdy, was it snowing yesterday!  We didn’t even get that much snow, by Cleveland or Buffalo standards, but it fell so freaking fast.

Also I don’t live in Cleveland or Buffalo.  I live in a city that is pathologically unable to deal with winter weather even though each year brings a good 3 months of snow.  Last year the city exhausted its annual snow removal budget before Christmas.  The mayor had to go on TV and give a speech about how he’d just love to help the neighborhoods by plowing the streets, but…

The upside is that the university recognizes that it takes a lot less snow than it should to create unsafe driving conditions, so I haven’t been to work since Monday!



5 responses to “why yes, it is winter!

  1. God bless your uni… I’ve been ice skating to work all week because these mofo’s won’t close for nothing!

  2. Sending warm tropical thoughts! On the plus side? At least you have power! My wee town used to have this sort of onslaught only to promptly lose electricity every year. Snow days and books are awesome for a time, but something about consoling your snow blues with some craptastic television. Stay warm G&L!

  3. I’m glad that you at least got a few days off! The snow has been crazy.

  4. Wow, I’m glad they gave you the days off! I always thought it’s ridiculous around here in the past when schools and businesses chose to stay open despite a foot of snow on the ground. It’s just too dangerous to make people get on the roads – you end up with people stuck and sliding into ditches. Best to enjoy that kind of weather snuggled up at home :). Of course, we’re in a mid-Atlantic state which is famous for not knowing how to handle snow…

  5. Just came by to give you a hug.

    Thank you for your kind support.


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