a tale of two periods

Thanks for all of the input about my little freakout on Friday.  After one day of very heavy bleeding things slowed down a lot, and I never got the awful cramps that I used to get.  So I’m not going to worry too much about the likelihood of Return of the Fibroids:  The New Batch.

(Because all of you were waiting with bated breath just to hear the update on my most recent menstruation.  Admit it.)

Speaking of periods, and oversharing, a woman came into my office yesterday demanding to speak to my director but seriously mispronouncing her name.  I’m under strict instructions to be the gatekeeper even when people know my director’s correct name, so I (pleasantly, I hope) asked her what she needed to talk about.

Eventually I figured out what she needed — if she did get in to see my director, she would just have been sent right back out to me to take care of her problem.  I explained this as patiently as I could, and this was the response I got:

“I’ve been running around all day and I’ve got to tell you, the only way this is going to be OK is if you’ve got some chocolate.”

As luck would have it, we did have some chocolate in the office — left over from the youth festival we ran over the weekend.  She had some, then apologized:

“I’m sorry for not listening to you earlier.  I guess it’s just that time of the month.”

Once she had calmed down I was able to solve her problem and get her what she wanted.  But not before she mentioned her period at least twice more.

Now, friends, I think there’s a time and a place for talking about your period.  An infertility blog?  Yes, probably OK.  An office you’ve come to for non-medical help?  Hmm, I think I would probably choose not to mention the fact that I’m bleeding from my vagina in front of strangers.

After all, you never know — the person you mention your period to might just blog about it later!


6 responses to “a tale of two periods

  1. Oh my gosh! That is ridiculous!
    I know we’re all women and need to stick together and all that, but seriously!? Ew.
    And explaining away your rudeness as “that time of the month”? Geez, I’m no uber-feminist, but that made me cringe quite a bit…

  2. Well there’s an awkward human for ya, yikes, lol.

  3. Ahoy G&L! Have I told you that you are delightful? Your hair also looks especially lovely today. Otherwise, SHIT and HOLY HELL on the bleeding already. That must stop and I worry for you.

    On the topic of womanly public biznaz, I wholeheartedly agree with you. In certain company, bodily fluids are fair topics, but the public at large does not need to see red. I, for one, don’t think I’ve ever claimed to be on my period or affected by the crazy that comes with it. Throwing up excruciating pain, yes, crazy, no. I’ll be that if you counter that period discussion with a quip about how painful your hemorrhoids are (is that extra “h” necessary after all), one would expect the topics to turn to much fairer subjects.

  4. Your last line totally cracked me up. I guess it applies to everything–you never know when the person you’re talking to is composing a post! Oh, this modern world! Super glad to hear the horrible cramps did not make an appearance.

  5. Bunny said it all. That blogging will get us into trouble someday… 😉

  6. Cracking up over here in Canada. I’m also of the opinion that talking about menstruation really isn’t something you want to do with strangers, even if said strangers are females. And bloggers! But since we are on the topic and we are not strangers, a) I’m glad your period didn’t turn out to be an exercise in torture and b) I have been going through many squares of 70% dark chocolate this week, as I am having a visit from AF.

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