the curse

(possible TMI)

Since my surgery 6 months ago, my periods went from

“This is horrible!  Why can’t I take 4 sick days every month?  Who are these awful women in the tampon commercials who go to the beach while menstruating?”


“Oh, now I get it.  Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be.”

But here I am, 6 months later, once again bleeding right through a tampon an hour.

So, a question for my Sisters of the Fibroid.

Does this mean they’re back?


9 responses to “the curse

  1. I know nothing about it but I hope not!
    My sister doesn’t have any reproductive issues as far as she knows and she has extremely heavy periods every time. She has described it to me as going through a tampon hourly. That must really suck 😦

  2. NO! They can’t *possibly* be back so soon! I just REFUSE to believe it. Is this the first cycle it’s been like this? If so, perhaps its an aberration. Lord, I hope so.

    I think the more depressing possibility(um, sorry) is that the heaviness wasn’t a consequence of your meatballs. I hoped that my occasional (not every cycle, but often enough) day of passing-out-bad camps would be a symptom of mine, but nope!

    Anyhow, if your (former!) RE’s office has a good nurse, it might be worth checking in. I am imagining you don’t particularly want to renew contact with those folks, but a regular gyne might not know enough about your case.

    • Yeah, that is a depressing prospect. But it was so different after the surgery that I figured this problem must be solved!

      Anyway, you’re probably right that I should call the RE’s office. Unfortunately my insurance company has started denying my claims so I don’t think I’ll be calling…

  3. Huh, I don’t know. I only had 4 cycles post surgery befor my pg and subsequent m/c. The ultrasound tech did see some knew small fibroids when I started my first IVF cycle and the RE said I must be prone to get them, awesome. They don’t believe that they caused the miscarriage as they were not impinging upon the cavity. I do think the little assholes can recruit friends, I hope not. I do hope the heavy period is a fluke.

  4. Thanks for the reply. I’ve heard that they can recur very quickly so that’s why I’m thinking they may be back.

    What did you think of Lovingkindness?

  5. Sorry, I don’t know too much about fibroids :(. I know that my heavy bleeding is caused by my adenomyosis and is really well controlled when I’m on nat’l progesterone (adeno can’t be treated with excision surgery since it is within the walls of the uterus). My periods were getting heavier and heavier – almost 3-4 full days of bleeding with several days of spotting. Now, it’s my third (I think) month back on the nat’l progesterone and this month was 2 full days of bleeding followed by just one day of the tiniest bit of spotting. Barely any cramps. Much easier.
    Heavy bleeding can also be a sign of a clotting issue. My doctor had recommended extra vit. C during my heavy bleeding – 2,000 mg a day, and I think it helped.
    What a pain :(.

  6. I have fibroids (3 of them at last u/s Nov 09) and am totally following you b/c of yours. I found the fibroid IFers to be few & far between. So far I haven’t had any removed/shrunk.
    However, lately I’ve started exercising for real and stopped drinking and I kind of feel like they’re shrinking. I’m not sure if that’s realistic, but it feels like it (cuz I feel one of them when I’m O’ing). At the sametime I’m also having lighter and shorter periods. I’m connecting the two, but that may be medically incorrect.
    Anyway, I’m interested in finding out if your fibroids & lighter, then heavier periods are connected. I’ve read that the can come back pretty quickly.

  7. Oh no. I sure hope you can get some answers. There just doesnt seem any way that they could be back so soon, right?

    I am hating this.

  8. I hope your fibroids aren’t back! I don’t know you, but found your blog while searching “myomectomy”. I am having a 12cm fibroid removed on Friday. I am hopeful for lighter periods and the other benefits of no more fibroids.

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