malay bee hoon (sort of)

I’m very much a make-do cook.  I substitute with reckless abandon, and sometimes it works great.  This is what I made today, the first new recipe of 2011.

Malay bee hoon is a noodle dish that’s supposed to be made with rice vermicelli.  I didn’t have any rice vermicelli, so I used plain old egg noodles.  Still tasty, but I’m not really sure what to call it because bee hoon it ain’t.  Here’s what I did:*

2 T oil
1 carrot, cut into matchsticks
1/2 lb fresh shrimp, peeled
1/2 c shrimp stock (made from the shrimp shells, salt, and peppercorns simmered for about 15 minutes)
3 T soy sauce
a large handful of bean sprouts
a small bok choy, shredded
8 oz noodles, cooked.
Fresh cilantro
Rempah (spice paste):
about 1 t red pepper flakes
4 garlic cloves
1 enormous shallot**
1 oz fresh ginger
1 t ground turmeric

Grind the rempah ingredients to a paste with a mortar and pestle.

Heat the oil in a stir fry pan, then fry the rempah until it becomes fragrant (about 1 minute).  Add the carrots and cook 1 minute.  Add the prawns, then the stock and soy sauce and cook 1 minute.  Add the beansprouts and bok choy, then the noodles.  Stir fry until the vegetables are cooked.  Garnish with cilantro and serve.

*Bastardized from the excellent Malay bee hoon recipe in this cookbook.  My apologies to the authors, whose careful instructions I regularly disregard.

**Seriously, this thing was freakish…it’s supposed to be 4 shallots.


4 responses to “malay bee hoon (sort of)

  1. Mmm, that looks fantastic! One of the perks of having celiac disease is that so many ethnic foods are naturally gf. And I love asian cuisine of all types :).

    One thing I’ve been meaning to make from scratch for a while now is Panang Curry – a thai dish. I need to get off my butt and just do it already – you’ve inspired me!

  2. DAMN that looks good. I too am a reckless substituter, typically with not-so-great results…

  3. Oh, that sounds SO good! I love south east asian food, so much so that I bought a 20 lb bag of sticky rice (which I could eat by itself, and am actually doing so, slowly… ). It’s the kind of food that’s perfect for a little personalization and tweaking. Now I’m craving spicy, coconut-y rice noodles!

  4. Yum! Any leftovers we can sample?

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