there’s a tree in my living room

I wasn’t going to put it up this year.  I have always suspected that my husband was gritting his teeth as he looked at it with its tacky lights and its not-found-in-nature fake needles.  I did make an effort–I cross-stitched some menorah ornaments and bought some star-of-David garland to hang on it, but when you get down to brass tacks it’s still a Christmas tree.

It has always meant family to me.  Every ornament is a memory.  I have a few pieces from every part of my life, and every year I try to buy or make something meaningful to add to it.

Except, like I said, I wasn’t going to put it up this year.

It seemed like too much effort.  It certainly doesn’t have any religious meaning for me, and the whole idea of putting it up seemed like a big fat reminder of 2010, my Year of Failure.

But then this weekend my husband actually suggested we put it up.  He said he would help me, which he’s never done before.  He told me he thinks of it as a memory tree–it holds our last 11 years together, not to mention my childhood.

So we dug it out of the closet, put it together, strung the lights, draped the beads over it, and picked through the ornaments.  We did it together.

We’ve never done that before.  And I’m surprised at how much it means to me.

The skull and crossbones ornament is my current favorite.


8 responses to “there’s a tree in my living room

  1. I love your tree! So sweet that your husband helped you this year. Christmas trees definitely hold memories for me – and they make me feel peaceful and happy inside :).

  2. I’m glad he did that — and kid of jealous, actually. We’ve never had a tree at home, as we always go to visit our families over Christmas for at least a week… I would like to have one though. Maybe next year.

  3. He continues to amaze me. This tops even the penguin.

  4. That’s a beautiful post. I’m so glad that putting up that tree brought you a sense of closeness with your husband.

  5. That is so incredibly dear, I love it! What a kind husband you have. No tree for us this year 😦
    BTW, I ordered the book you suggested on Amazon, I am looking forward to checking it out, thanks.

  6. A memory tree is a beautiful idea. I’m so glad he helped! That’s so terribly sweet. (Major YAY for the skull and crossbones!)

  7. I love your tree, and I’m also jealous that your husband helped you put it up. Mine likes the tree but doesn’t really do anything to make it happen, except maybe carry it into the house. Love the skull and crossbones!

  8. It’s funny how the unexpected can bring you closer together – enjoy each other, and enjoy the holidays; they can still be great 🙂

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