let them eat medicaid, update

Just an update on the situation at work with the uninsured kids:

As I suspected, we’ve had several kids accepted to the program who are uninsured.  The first two who called were told the official line, which was that they had to be insured or they would be unable to attend.  It broke our hearts (me and my colleague) to tell them, but in both cases the kids’ schools stepped up to help them get temporary insurance so they could attend.  I’m amazed by the generosity of spirit that these kids’ school music teachers are showing by helping them do this–not to mention it’s good for the kids to have health insurance, even if it’s temporary, even if it has nothing to do with coming to the music festival.

The next two uninsured kids presented a new situation.  They are both participants in a university-sponsored outreach program that is very, very hard to get into and that aims to give urban kids from underrepresented groups the musical and academic opportunities that wealthy kids from the suburbs take for granted.  It’s a program that works (100% college placement rate so far, with several significant music scholarships) and a program that everyone in my department is passionate about.

Well, there was no way that we were going to tell these particular kids that they couldn’t come to the festival.

So I’ve now got the green light to do what I wanted to do in the first place–work with the university’s risk management office to find a way to CYA for the university in terms of liability, while not excluding these kids.

All in all this is a better outcome than I had feared.


4 responses to “let them eat medicaid, update

  1. It’s great what you do to make attending possible for these kids. I hope it all works out!

  2. What a great update. I am so glad to know it.

  3. Thanks for the update! It’s wonderful news that the kids will be able to participate, and that you have found creative solutions to the problem.

  4. So glad to hear that! The previous post made me so sad for those kids.

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