best. spam. comment. ever.

This weblog is superior it has got the entire points i sought after to speak about, it has fulfilled my wisdom, i just appreciated this weblog and that i wish to subscribe so can you please inform while your blog gets up to date and what?s the procedure to subscribe in details.

And just for fun, I ran it through Babelfish to translate it into Chinese, Greek, French, Dutch, and back to English.  The result:

This web-unwieldly these is several for qu’ chooses discovered he has the whole speech so that there so that he has fulfilled, my wisdom, assessed this web-unwieldly, and has waited votes is possible that consequently you vraagt-t qu’ lifted you in, when your Bork receives in the decision of date, and only? the contribution s does the law to the detail.


9 responses to “best. spam. comment. ever.

  1. That wasn’t a spam comment, man, that was ME! You totally fulfilled my wisdom! It’s because of your Bork.

  2. Bunny is right. It clearly is your Bork.

  3. I have the same comment, and foud your post from google searching this phrase in qoute.

  4. jcubic, you are RUINING this special moment betwwn G&L and spam-person!

    Ha ha, so funny. WHY??? You know?

  5. I have another one:

    Simply discovered your web page through Bing and I consider this can be a disgrace that you are not ranked more due to the fact that that is a fantastic post. To switch this I determined to avoid wasting your Site to my RSS reader and I will try to point out you in one of my posts since you actually deserv extra readers when publishing content material of this quality.

  6. Look again, my little Ginger Lime…. I tried to Rick Roll somebody with my sneaky fake blog. I adore the Rick Roll.

    Trust me. I will get you. Or at least wear that shirt when we meet someday.

  7. Where did you get your Bork? I want to be enlightened too. with wisdom. And, I’m so glad to hear that the contributions does the law to the details. Very reassuring.

  8. Bwahahaha!

    I call it adulation!

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