but enough about me, let’s talk about me

I am so, so, so happy for bunny. Over the moon, bouncing up and down, her-turn-is-finally-here excited.

(Go over there and congratulate her.  What are you waiting for?  Go NOW.)

I’ve been happy for all of you who have gotten pregnant recently, of course, and I have been devouring your updates, but let’s focus on what’s really important here, which is how it all relates to me.

Bunny and I had the same surgery.  She did it 2 months ahead of me, and I was so appreciative of her informative posts both before and after.  She hipped me to the pants problem, she talked about her recovery, and she even posted pictures of the fibroids.  It really meant a lot to me to be able to read her posts as I was getting ready for the surgery in the early part of the summer.  (Thanks, bunny!)

And now, a few months later, it looks like her surgery worked.

And if it worked for her, well, maybe it’s not too much of a leap to imagine that it worked for me too.  Maybe.  Possibly.  If I ever have sex again.


4 responses to “but enough about me, let’s talk about me

  1. Yes, it WILL work for you too!

  2. I am sooooo completely hopeful for you. Because recall that you had five fibriods (i.e., more than I had) and one was submucosal (i.e., known to be super bad for babies, and mine were, I guess, subserous–not proven to be bad for babies) AND your RE was convinced they were your problem (while mine was like eh, maybe). So that’s like three times the amount of reason to think the surgery will do the trick for you. That said, I’m nice and familiar with not believing anything will work. But as an objective observer, your case looks really good. (And thank you for the good wishes–it really warms the cockles of my tiny little heart.)

  3. I hope it does work for you too! That would be pretty freakin’ fantabulous :).

  4. I no! Bunny is an inspiration for sure. And I’m pleased she’s given you hope. I can’t wait for your success story post too. xx 🙂

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