what made me think this would be easy?

Just a recovery update today, for those who are keeping track.

  • On Tuesday it will be 6 weeks since the surgery.
  • The incision doesn’t look much different to me, but my husband says it is lighter in color.
  • The swelling is down for the most part, though every time I do any significant walking (more than a few hundred feet) I get more swelling and some pain.
  • I can only wear sneakers and one other pair of soft-soled mary janes.  All of my other shoes make my incision and lower back hurt.  It makes me realize how important good shoes are to your posture in general.
  • I can lie on my side now without pain; still can’t lie on my stomach.
  • I can eat without nausea, FINALLY.  I have gained back 4 of the 9 or so pounds I lost because I am getting zero exercise.
  • Work is still totally overwhelming and I am basically going straight to bed when I get home at night and on the weekends.
  • No sex drive at all.  I am just too tired.

I am starting to feel like I must be malingering, although I know I am absolutely not.  It just boggles the mind that it could possibly take this long to get better.


7 responses to “what made me think this would be easy?

  1. Do you have another follow up appointment with your Dr any time soon? I’m assuming that your general recovery is sort of on schedule?? I mean did your Dr say that you’d be feeling fully OK by this time? If yes then maybe you need to see him to discuss your concerns, if no then I guess these things just take time, which sucks because I know it feels like thats something we always have to give up for infertility. We wait, we wait some more and then something else happens and we wait even more. Its hard. But hey, lets look on the bright side… you are starting to gain wait (yay!) you are escaping the nausea (woopee!) and you can lie on your side (yay yay!). Ok, I know they are little things and you were expecting bigger results, I’m sorry and I hope you start to feel better real soon. x

  2. The point is…if you are not feeling well, you are not. Each one of us has our own recovery schedule, and I don’t think you are excessively lingering on it.

    The lack of libido is just a sign of your tiredness, it will be back! Heal well!

    And like egghunt said, I hope you will visit your doc again soon to follow up with the recovery and the path it is taking…

  3. My sex drive left my in 2008, I believe.

  4. Sorry the recovery is slow, but it sounds like things are getting a bit better each day. Hope things continue to improve and be sure to take care of yourself!

  5. I’m also sorry you’re not feeling more lively. I was told the recovery was four to 12 weeks, though, so I agree that you’re just on the crappy end of the spectrum. Which sucks, but isn’t your fault. I think the fact that work is overwhelming can’t be helping. I hope you are showered with million dollar bills tomorrow so you can quit that stupid job!

  6. I think you are doing really well for 6 weeks out of major abdominal surgery. I’m just sorry you have to go to work! Any chance of using some vacation time? Or even a brief unpaid leave? I hope you can swing, it, as I think bed rest is the best way to recover… and I’m sorry you’re feeling so crappy.

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