the persistence of rss feeds

UPDATE:  I restored the original post.  It appears below this one.

I put up a post the other day and almost immediately thought better of it.  It was whiny, insensitive, and took out my frustration on people who have nothing to do with my problems.  It was up for about five minutes.

I took it down, thinking no harm done, no one has seen it yet.  I hadn’t figured on the persistence of memory RSS feeds.  The title of my now-vanished post stayed there on people’s blogrolls; it was delivered unto Google Reader and email subscribers; apparently I can’t unring the bell or unsay the words.

I am unreasonably upset about this.

I am unreasonably upset in general, though, so there is that.  I know, we’re officially Not Freaking Out about the SA results, which is good, and my husband is an amazing human being who somehow puts up with my unending drama, but I am just at the end of my rope.

But at least now I know to think before I hit “publish.”


11 responses to “the persistence of rss feeds

  1. I may have read the post in question and if its what I’m thinking it was then it was not at all unreasonable or moany. It was gentle and thoughtful just like all of your posts, so try not to beat yourself up about that.
    Hugs to you, I know its a hard time you’re going through and I’m glad your hubby is being understanding. Its rough out there so just be kind to yourself. x

  2. That is a bummer. I have to say though, that I read all of your posts in my reader, then click over to comment, and I don’t remember any of your posts being whiny or unreasonable! I think you might be a little too hard on yourself.
    And hey, we all can have rough times, and so we all understand the need to just get those emotions out there. They do less harm when we verbalize them, than when we keep them inside :).

  3. Yep…RSS feeds will catch it all!

    I read a post of an ALI blogger (months back) and could not find it again when I visited her a day later. She had put up a post saying she took the previous post down in a few minutes of posting (it contained a pic of a close family member).

    Before she did it, I had already seen it, and God knows who else…

    Yep lady, look before you leap and think before you publish!

  4. Sending Metta to you…

  5. I have pulled my own post. It ate at me all day long until I finally just put it back up. I felt stupid because I was complaining about BS when I knew other people had “bigger shit” going down. I was bitching up a storm and being rather unkind to someone who (kinda) didn’t deserve it.

    In the end though, I wanted to get it out. I put it back up, and people’s comments made me feel better. If you dont get it out, I think it eats you up. It isn’t good to keep that stuff inside. I cant speak for you, but I don’t have anyone other than my husband to share these conversations. He’s good, but he’s not that good.

    We love you no matter what you say Ginger. I read your post and it didn’t register one single small tiny smidge of what you think it did. I think your mindset may tint your perspective?

    Sucks we are all hanging on your every word. You might have gotten away with it if your damn readers didnt love your ass so much.

  6. For what it’s worth, I don’t think your post was bad in any way. I’ve wondered the same thing and eagerly clicked over to your blog to read the comments, only to find that the post didn’t exist there.
    I’ve been annoyed in the past that I couldn’t update/change my posts for others once they’ve been picked up by the rss feeds (I subscribe to my own blog to check on that) so I can imagine how frusrated you feel. I’m sorry 😦

  7. I am very intrigued!!! I don’t have google reader or anything, so I didn’t get to read the post. But I did see the title, and since it pertained to me, I’d be very interested to know what you said. I can’t imagine it was bad! Would you consider re-posting it?

  8. OK, I just clicked over to google reader and saw your post– too bad it doesn’t delete it there, huh??? I agree, that sucks. It should update to the deleted status, don’t you think?

    Anyways, the post was awesome. I’ve actually been having similar issues with this dichotomy. When I got pregnant, I added a few ladies who also got pregnant around the same time as me, and I’ve enjoyed going through this with them. However, I am still very, very, very attached to my earlier set of blog friends, many of whom have not gotten pregnant yet (or have lost pregnancies). And I don’t know what to say anymore either– “good luck with that 2ww”? I mean, yeah, I know how much that sucks, but I’m not in those trenches at the moment (I am sure i’ll be back at some point- hopefully later rather than sooner). So it rings false. And I wonder if people are just like, “shuddup, pregnant bitch!” when I do comment on this awful ttc struggle. I also feel a bit uncomfortable posting about pregnancy-related stuff. But in the end, I figure that it is MY blog and people don’t have to read it if they don’t want to. Furthermore, I am not at all secure in the idea of actually producing a baby one of these days, so I still feel like I need the support of women who share these horrible fears. So, that’s where I stand, but I feel you on the awkwardness of the odd assortment of pregnant + desperate-to-be-pregnant bloggers here.

    I hope you don’t stop commenting, though– even though it may sometimes feel awkward, I think all of us just need the love, whether it comes from a pregnant or not-yet-pregnant friend.

  9. Oops, am I making it worse by responding to your original post here? Feel free to delete my comment…

    But I really think you should just re-post the original. I definitely am interested to see the discussion that it inspires, in your comments.

  10. I don’t think your post was insensitive or whiney. This is your blog, for you, say whatever you need to, right? I sometimes find it difficult to even read or acknowledge pregnant bloggers, it seems taboo to even admit that, but it can be really hard for me. Usually after a bout of self pity I am able to garner some genuine enthusiasm for those well deserved BFPs. Doesn’t that happen to all of us? If not I am the devil.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, your blog is awesome. And I hope you recovery is continuing to advance.

  11. Oh shit, are we not supposed to post insensitive whiny things? I’d better delete my entire weblog. For me, once I start reading someone’s posts, I want to know what’s actually going on in her head, what she’s actually feeling. Sometimes it might not be the prettiest stuff, but it’s usually quite universal. I think honesty is a service. Yeah, we have to practice tact as well–I don’t think anyone is completely honest–but that’s life.

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