a question for all the pregnant ladies

As you know, a position on my blogroll ups your odds of conception significantly.  (We’re up to 9 of you now.  Maybe I should figure out a way to get on my own list.)

I am happy and excited for ALL of you, and I’m devouring your updates.  But I’m not sure if my comments are helpful to you at this point.  I’m mostly saying things like “yay for you!  you’re doing great!”  I never have any advice, I never have any useful opinions on spotting or weight gain or baby bumps or when to tell your family, and I certainly don’t have any similar experiences to share.

So my question to you is, what’s the best way to support you now?  I am starting to be hesitant to comment because I just don’t have anything useful to say.  Should I keep my mouth shut and just go back to lurking?  You’re all in my heart and I’m so proud of all of you–I just don’t always have the right words to say it.


2 responses to “a question for all the pregnant ladies

  1. Sweetheart, you just saying ‘yay’ will work for me!

    See, we are all in a cycle…for e.g. currently, I have NOTHING to comment on breastfeeding posts, and till a few months back could say NOTHING about how long low-dose aspirin is continued in a pregnancy.

    I now have answer for the latter, and will have to abide my time to form an opinion on the former.

    Same for you…just mean what you say, and the tiniest phrase lets the blogger know the good thoughts sent their way.

    And I wish you hop on to the list soon enough. Good Luck!

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