another tiresome recovery update

I am definitely healing.  My incision is pulling and hurting when I try to move and it’s starting to itch.  Bleh.  Still eating really irregularly.  I have lost about 8 pounds (which is not a bad thing).  Also I think that I’m continuing to get sensation back in my abdomen around the area of the incision.  Places where I was numb before are now painful.  So that’s good…I guess.

Still mostly just hanging around the house.  I am getting more and more anxious about going back to work and have really ramped up my job search.  Hopefully I will find something soon.

I ended up going to the play with my husband on Thursday.  I made it through but it was really difficult.  I had forgotten that Fringe Festival events are always understaffed, so we had to wait about half an hour to buy our tickets, then another 15 minutes or so before we were allowed in to the theatre.  That was too much standing.  I am glad I went, though, because it was hilarious.  It was a 1-act musical called KHAAAAAAN! that was a very cute takeoff on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Poster below:


6 responses to “another tiresome recovery update

  1. The pulling sensation is often connected to ‘drying’. Am glad you are healing well…..just a few days more now!

    Am glad you loved the play…

  2. I love having a cultured friend like you. I have even had to resort to from some of your posts. You make me a smarter person by association.

    Try not so sweat the job search. Take comfort in the fact you are even looking maybe? I mean, how long have you been thinking about it, and now you are up and doing it. Big difference.

    Enjoy this last week. Spend time just killing time.

  3. Nice job getting out of the house, the play sounded really fun (if uncomfie, oof). I’m hoping this last week brings you lots of healing. And keep at it with the job search!!

  4. Since I’m catching up, HOT DAMN on the job interview. Whether it works out or not (and maybe it already hasn’t since you’re still searching) I’m super excited at the idea of you escaping from that monster you work with. Also quite glad you’re recovering well.

  5. Just catching up and wanted to send you a belated birthday hug. Hope you had a great day. I’m so pleased things are healing well and that you’re able to look ahead and get excited about a new job prospect.
    And so pleased you had a good time at the play, the standing around sounds painful but at least it was worth it once you finally got a seat. Laughter is the best medicine (except if it pulls on your incision!!). xx

  6. I’m sooo glad that you’re starting to feel like you are healing. That’s great. And I’m glad you got to laugh!! Even if the standing in line for it wasn’t ideal…

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