another trip around the sun

It’s my birthday.

32 feels a lot like 31 so far.


15 responses to “another trip around the sun

  1. Oh yes, I’m on your heels, turning 32 in about 8 months.

    HAPPY BDAY! I hope you can do something special to celebrate, even if it’s putting your feet up EXTRA high today. xo

  2. Happy birthday!!!

  3. You darling young thing. I am here to send you all kinds of birthday love.

    This is your year.

    32 is a very, very fertile number.

    Everyone knows this.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Sending you warm wishes for a very happy 32nd year!!

  5. Happy birthday! I wish I was 32. Enjoy it!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!

    Regarding your comments on my blog, I will attribute their insensitivity to the fact that I am surrounded with a really fertile lot. And yes, I would have loved to tell it on my own, rather than being on an interrogation mode.

    P.S. Associate some e-mail id with your comments. You don’t have to use your real name/official id, just create something with your blog name….

  7. Happy Happy Birthday!

  8. Happiest of Birthdays to you Ginger & Lime!

    I hope this year rocks your world!

    Oh and about yesterday’s post, don’t worry, recovery take time. Everyone heals at a different rate. I hope that you feel better with each passing day. Tell your fab hubs that the concert may be a little too much.

    Have fun today!

  9. Happy birthday!

    Ah, what I wouldn’t give to be 32 again. . . . or really, just for my ovaries to be 32 again. 😉

  10. A very Happy Birthday to you! I hope this year that your wishes come true!

  11. Happy, happy birthday to yoooooohooooo! Have a great day! Hope you’re feeling better today!

  12. Happy birthday!!!!!!!

    p.s. So does 33… (feel like 31). 🙂

  13. Happy birthday (thought I’m late wishing it)!

  14. Hope you had a great birthday. 32 feels a lot like 22 as far as I’m concerned. Do you ever really feel your age?

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