Since I came home from the hospital I have left my house exactly four times.

  1. Sunday I went to the library for about half an hour.
  2. Monday morning I had the job interview.
  3. Monday afternoon I had my RE appointment.
  4. Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting with the members of my quartet.

Each one of those outings has left me absolutely exhausted, aching, and nauseous.  I keep thinking I’m doing better, but then I have to spend a whole day in bed.  Again.

I think my husband is starting to get impatient for me to get out and around.  He keeps wanting to go to the movies or out to a show (Fringe Festival is this week).  I just don’t want to move an inch if I don’t have to!

It’s been 16 days since the surgery and my pain level is definitely OK (manageable with ibuprofen); it’s the fatigue and the nausea I’m having trouble with now.  I haven’t eaten much all week.

I am getting worried about going back to work on the 9th:  if I can’t even cope with sitting in a coffee shop for 2 hours (yesterday’s meeting), how am I going to get through a full work week including the insane backlog I’m sure has accumulated while I’ve been away?


6 responses to “recovery?

  1. Are you worried something is up? What did your RE say?

    Can you do a work from home option? Maybe ease back into a full wk?

    Your quartet? How cool is that? My little musical yogini.

  2. I know after my last surgery, I took two full weeks off and I wasn’t ready AT ALL to go back after the time was up. I could have used another two weeks easy.
    Just take it as easy as you can with the time you have left. I know your hubby is getting impatient, but your body needs to heal! Hopefully the nausea subsides enough to get some good food in you – that’s important for the healing process, too.

  3. That’s rough. Is there any way you can take off any more time? And if not, I would definitely tell your boss that although you were out of sick leave time, you are still not fully recovered and that you hope that he/she understands if you are not up to 100% of your old self right away…

    I’m sorry you have to go back! Stupid work!

  4. Ugh, hard to imagine working a full, crazy day at a desk in the state you are in. Try to take it one day at a time, for now. Hopefully as each day goes by you feel a little stronger and better. If you still feel utterly crap-tastic come the 9th, cross that bridge when you come to it (extend your leave, work part-time, work from home, whatever solution is possible).

    Hang in there my friend. xo

  5. I hope your recovery starts speeding up for you. Here from LFCA to wish you a Happy Birthday! 🙂

  6. I’m from LFCA too, here to (1) say Happy Birthday, (2) tell you I’m glad you’re playing along with Lori’s Childhood Trivia, and (3) wish you a speedy recovery and smooth return to work. And, of course, a string of good news from the RE.

    Whew! You got a lot going on, Girl!

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