back in the stirrups again

I had a follow-up with my RE today.  He poked at my incision (owie!) and showed it to yet another medical student (seriously, how many of them are there?  and why don’t any of them ever come back?  they’re different every time!).  He looked at my chart and we made a plan.

Apparently the SA my husband had done by Chucklehead RE last year was (surprise, surprise) not sufficient.  They didn’t test for morphology at all, and his motility was low.  I reported this to my husband this afternoon and he said, “Yeah, don’t you remember?  They told me the motility was low but we shouldn’t worry about it because it was cold outside that day.”  Anybody know anything about this?  Is this low-motility-in-the-winter thing for real?  At this point I just don’t believe anything that came from Chucklehead RE.  Well, anyway, our current RE wants to get a look at the morphology, so the husband will be providing another sample.  He is not looking forward to this, but considering what I’ve done recently I don’t have a lot of sympathy.  Whip it out, I say!

Provided his morphology looks OK, we’re going to try naturally for 6 months starting in September.  If we’re not pregnant by March, RE thinks it probably won’t happen at all and wants us to “move on” to IUI and/or IVF.

He was less optimistic than I’d hoped.  I don’t really know what I thought he was going to say.  Maybe something like “Congratulations!  You’re cured!”  But I am still hopeful, and it will be good to have the SA done right.


6 responses to “back in the stirrups again

  1. Hmm, lower in the winter, really? That sounds a bit hokey to me. The old SA is never fun, but yeah husband, suck it up!
    I know what you mean about wanting to hear “your cured”! It’s hard to believe I am most likely not pregnant this first round of post surgery trying.

  2. Well, perhaps you ARE cured, right? That’s what the 6 months of trying will determine… I believe you are!, and I totally can imagine that cold weather could reduce motility. Why not?

    Unfortunately, the 6 months of trying coming up take place over the winter… maybe you should buy your husband some woolen underwear! 🙂

  3. Hm, I find that thing about the winter surprising… if anything, I’ve heard that heat is bad for sperm. But I’m not an expert.
    Hoping that the next SA shows good numbers, and that you are cured indeed 🙂

  4. Hey friend, you very well MAY BE CURED! I like your chances. Keep your chin up and let some hope in! 🙂

    FYI, when I switched from clinic #1 to #2, the new RE wanted to repeat my hubs’s SA. He uses a stricter test and was concerned about morphology. Hubs passed the stricter test, but it just goes to show there are different standards and schools of thought. I think it’s awesome your doc is being super-duper thorough.

  5. Here’s a study that found lower motility in the winter,, but that’s usually more a seasonal effect due to length of daylight, not temperature. Humans aren’t (obviously!) seasonal breeders !- but there are some small seasonal effects, – When we read a SA, we make sure the sperm is “warmed” to body temp before we determine motility so that factor doesn’t play a role. Wishing you all the best and a BFP ASAP.

  6. Lower Motility in Winter? Never heard of that.

    I hope the SA results come out just fine. The fact that he wants you guys to try naturally means he hopes the surgery has worked.

    Good Luck!

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